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JamesCoryJamesCory Member Posts: 7

I don't see the ability to create a bill anywhere via the API. Is there a specific reason this isn't possible? All other major accounting software allow this.



  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hi @JamesCory,
    There's a specific reason, although not a specific intention to not support Bills in the API.
    Essentially, the public API exposes features of equivalent internal APIs within our systems. Bills is one of the oldest parts of Wave, and currently does not have an internal API in a format that we can use to create a public variant.
    At some future date, the Bills feature will be brought in line with the rest of Wave's architecture, and at that time we'll certainly look to expose its API publicly. Unfortunately, I have no guidance when those changes to the underlying systems may take place.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but hopefully this at least gives you insight into why things are as they are.

  • JamesCoryJamesCory Member Posts: 7
    Makes total sense. Really appreciate the explanation!
  • HolCarHolCar Member Posts: 20

    I'd like to see the bill available as well.

  • Willem12345Willem12345 Member Posts: 1

    Bills are critical to have.. I was hoping to build a very simple Inventory feature which would sum up all Products which were purchased via Bills, with its quantities, and offset that to all Products which were sold via Invoices, with its quantities. The API would have been ideal, but I'll look into the Google Sheet integration to see if I can calculate it that way. [edit: not there either..]

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  • boonfairofficialboonfairofficial Member Posts: 2

    I also looked everywhere for thus.Is there any alternate way to create a bill externally without logging into WaveApps manually? Even authenticating using some header and using the internal API call would do

  • JamesCoryJamesCory Member Posts: 7

    Any update on this? Do Bills have any internal API yet? @PaulC

  • weebeastiesllcweebeastiesllc Member Posts: 1

    I'd like to use this as well. Thanks!

  • JamesCoryJamesCory Member Posts: 7

    Hopefully we will get this soon!

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