Upload a bank or credit card statement in .csv format



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    Hi @Estela ! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble uploading your CSV files here. To best assist with this, it would be helpful to have the file - but I would not recommend uploading the file into this public forum. If you would like to continue investigating these file issues, I'd suggest submitting a ticket to our Support team, where a dedicated agent can test your file & discover any outstanding issues with you!

    Hey @Patty_1 , thanks for getting back! Our CSV uploader used to support imports with the dd/mm/yyyy format, but this has changed. Our uploader now only supports mm/dd/yyyy formatting. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. This Help Centre article goes over the updated supported date formatting, as well. So, the files would need to be edited to fit that format in order to upload from CSV.

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    Hi there!
    I have done "connected accounts" but I don't know if my company account was set up well in the Wave systems or not.
    And also I refunded two credit card payments to my customers and connected one credit card payment to my company bank account and waiting for the settlement. FYI, my company bank was not listed in your system so I uploaded my bank statement accordingly. Now I would like to get your feedback for the above requirements ASAP.

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    Hey @DSCHOI0408_cns

    If you're accepting payments you should be able to see (or change) your payout account under Settings (bottom left) > Payouts. This will tell you which account your refunds came from to return the funds back to your client's credit cards. The connected accounts page is where your transactions import into your transactions page. It is hard whether your connected was set up properly but I'd check your transactions and see if they're importing into your transactions page.

    Also a credit card refund can take 3-5 business days to show up on your customers statements, and 7-10 for ACH bank refunds.


    Each attempt at uploading my bank import file fails with error "Oops something isn't right ... Please correct what's highlighted below ... The CSV file must contain an amount, date and description column. Learn more."
    1. The CSV file is in CSV UTF-8 format
    2. The CSV file contains only a date, description, credit, and debit columns - with any other columns removed;
    3. The date column is in yyyy-mm-dd
    4. The description column is only text
    5. The credit and debit columns each only contains positive values xx000.00 values, without currency denominated.
    Yet, the above error message persists.
    Your assistance is appreciated.
    Frederik III

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    I did exactly what is written, but only 6 lines out of 30 are imported from the excel file.
    How do enable wave to pick up the remaining information from the statement?

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    I have been uploading CSV bank transactions for some time. now I get a message saying 'your transactions are being imported from your bank statement. Please check back in a few minutes'.
    This message never goes asway and the statemnent transactions are not uploaded.

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    Hey @FCMEYERIII , how many entries are you trying to upload at once? If this isn't working for you, I'd suggest trying Wave Connect (https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020768272-Wave-Connect-Easily-import-and-export-data-with-Wave-s-Google-Sheets-add-on-) which will validate your data before attempting the upload. I find it a lot easier to use than uploading a .csv file.

    Hi @Nancy220 , I'm afraid I don't know what caused it to upload this way and there's nothing I can suggest you do differently next time. To fix this, I'd recommend you upload the other 24 lines without the 6 that did upload listed.

    @wbanz How long was this message displayed for and how many line items do you have listed on your .csv file?

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    I cannot save my bank statement as a csv file. The only option is Adobe pdf. I have saved and uploaded bank statements before and entered the data in Wave and it has always worked. i cannot work out what I am doing wrong. There are no other file options.Peta

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    After eliminating all the unwanted columns, the system is still not uploading my file. The consistent error message is:
    Oops! Something isn't right. Wave is having difficulty reading the dates of your transactions.
    I have tried all the formats listed in the help note. It is still not working

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    Has been working fine but the last week no joy, I keep getting being imported, check back in a few minutes, the prompt just before hilights possible duplicates, I have checked and none are duplicates, I have tried for a week almost every day, it stalls for two hours and I stop and turn computer off. I have tried on a desktop, iPad, laptop just to ensure it’s not a device issue.
    I do have multiple Transactions from two suppliers with differing amounts, they are correct.
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    > @TimShepherd said:
    > Has been working fine but the last week no joy, I keep getting being imported, check back in a few minutes, the prompt just before hilights possible duplicates, I have checked and none are duplicates, I have tried for a week almost every day, it stalls for two hours and I stop and turn computer off. I have tried on a desktop, iPad, laptop just to ensure it’s not a device issue.
    > I do have multiple Transactions from two suppliers with differing amounts, they are correct.
    I have tried a single day, a few days, multiple days, I have been doing them every 7-12 days for months without an issue.
    I then tried to add a manual day to clear that day then tried to upload from the following days transactions to miss out any duplicates and it still doesn’t work. This isn’t a problem our end, it’s your end.
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    Every time I try to upload a .csv downloaded from Paypal, I get a screen that Waves is "in maintenance mode." I'm using Firefox on Windows. Please advise.

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    Hey there @peta ! If your bank does not allow bank statement exports in CSV format then I suggest using a third party file convertor to convert your PDF into a CSV. A lot of our users find third party convertors helpful in this case. Once converted, you can upload your transactions via the new CSV file.

    Hi @iatby, @TimShepherd, and @JoeHawkins ! There are a variety of factors that may be preventing you from uploading your CSV successfully. We have a great Help Center article that includes some great troubleshooting steps. If you haven't already, check it out here. Also, you can try dividing your CSV and uploading your transactional data in smaller quantities. This can help you identify any potential issues with your file. To find out if your browser is causing the issue, you can try some basic browser troubleshooting steps.

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    Thanks @JulianP .

    I think the upload was being affected by the excel number format.

    I resolved the issue by thing the right format as text and not as number format and it worked.

    Dividing the upload by months also helped.
    edited October 14, 2020
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    hi - has this stopped working? The upload doesn't appear in the transactions anymore. Had been working fine

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    I had the same problem as @Tim Sheppard, re getting a warning that transactions of the same date already exist, when uploading my CSV export file. I noticed that my account balance changed every time I tried, but could not see ant transactions uploaded. I then discovered that I am uploading a CSV file with European date format and Wave suddenly started to allocate the transactions based on the American/Canadian date format, meaning that transactions dated 03/11/20 (3 November 2020 in European format) was allocated to 11 March 2020. My CSV uploads worked fine up until two weeks ago and now something has changed. Is there an explanation and how do I correct this? I am based in New Zealand.

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    Hi @superjames4 ! Do you mind clarifying that for me? Are you unable to locate the bank/credit statement uploader on your Transactions page (Accounting > Transactions > More > Upload a bank statement)? If so, I suggest actioning some browser troubleshooting steps to resolve this as I am not seeing the same behaviour on my end.

    If you are referring to the transactions themselves, make sure you don't have filters enabled on your Transactions page. This can prevent users from viewing all of their transactions. If filters are disabled, try selecting the account in question that contains the transactions you are looking for.

    Hey @Chris_Venter ! I'm sorry to hear that you are having similar issues. This sounds like a formatting issue. Have you tried all the troubleshooting steps found in this Help Center article. If not, I suggest doing so. Also, if there is an issue with your CSV file, you can try splitting up your file and uploading each split individually as mentioned above. This may help you identify the problem. In terms of date formatting, make sure the date is recorded as: MM/DD/YYYY (Example: 07/21/2013)

    If duplicates exist in your account, I suggest reconciling your account(s) to ensure that the transactions entered in your Wave account match what happened in the real world. Hope this helps!

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    Somewhat WAVE consistently throws an error when going to the "You will be taken to the CSV import page ". I have tried untold times over the last three months to no avail.

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    Thanks for this info. Is it possible to import transactions from a CSV file in which a column contains the identified account name to which the other side of the transaction should be posted? That is, on a bank statement, any outflow will be a credit to the bank account - but can I specify where the debits are t be sent go - rather than having to update every individual transaction once it is in my Wave accounting system?

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    Categorization has to be done within Wave. Unfortunately you cannot pre-assign categories on import as Wave only uses 3 columns. Date/Amount/Description. A faster way of categorizing is using the filter and search features on the transaction page. For example, filter all deposits. Now you see only deposits. If they are all sales then, click select all, edit, categorize as Sales. Repeat the process for expenses by using searches for key words like Staples etc.

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    I'm struggling with formatting the date properly for uploading a csv document with my bank transactions. actually been working on it for almost 12 hours now and I've tried everything that you guys list here on your website as well as done my own Google search tried everything I could possibly find, nothing is working. I can't get it to upload. is there something I'm missing? Please help!

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    You are welcome to email (below) what you are trying to import. Be happy to look at and test on a dummy co to be sure it works.

  • monstermonster Member Posts: 2

    thats marvelous!! im going to email you :) thank you!

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    Be happy to try and help you out. Email to [email protected]

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    Can you walk me thru how to connect y'all up with my coinbase account? They have not given out the debit cards yet and when I try to connect y'all, I do not see the pull down you are talking about.

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    Hey @jojo12 , we don't have an active integration with coinbase, and it doesn't look like our data aggregator supports a connection with them, so feel free to follow the steps in the Help Center article listed in the first post on page 1 of this thread to upload a statement from coinbase to Wave.

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    I am trying to upload my bank statement, which is less than the required 500 KB, but I'm getting an error message that my file is too large. My file is only 373 KB. Why would it not upload?

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    Hey @RiseUpTaxesLLC , it's difficult to say for sure. Can you try using our Google Sheets integration called Wave Connect? You may actually find it to be an easier upload than the bank statement considering it verifies your information ahead of time.

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    Wave has made me lose my
    Car and almost apartment !!’ I’m calling a lawyer if this doesn’t get handled today! Short story is I thought this site would help me organize my money from my little thing I run so I had my customers pay me on here last month and I got 800$ that wave refused to pay me , after going back and forth they said they canceled the payments and my customers got to wait 90 days for there money back !! Like what the f”””, that is my money I worked hard for and all this could of been avoided if I just never signed up for a wave account , and now I sign on after losing 800 bucks because of this rip off site i found out I got another payment from a customer and once agian it will not let me get my damn money. I will send you my I d and bank statements or what ever you need for the 5th time but this is my last Attempt. If I don’t receive every penny that was payed by my customers to my wave account by the end of today then we will handle this in court, my 4yr old couldn’t even have snacks for kindergarten all month because wave is holding my 800 bucks !!!! Email my girls email and tell me that you send all my money to my connected bank or where to send my I d once agian, email is - [email protected]
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    Hey there @Ganggng !

    After doing some digging on the back end, I can see that the Risk Team reached out to you about this recently. It looks like they are unable to continue providing payment processing services for your business I'm afraid. Given that the support team focuses on the technical side of Wave, including troubleshooting and how to navigate the software, we do not have any insight on the decision making process of our Risk Team.

    If you have any questions about the decision made on your account, please feel free to reply directly to their email.

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