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After using Wave for many years, including payment processing and most functions, I was shocked to find out today that there appears to be no way to give a contractor or employee (salesperson, coordinator, office manager, etc.) a way to upload receipts and related info without giving them way more visibility than they need (Transactions, Cash flow, Reports for the entire business, etc.).

I saw one help forum discussion that states that they need full Transactions access to upload receipts...can this be? I just want them to be able to log in to the Wave Receipts app to upload an image of a receipt with the basic info and post to Accounting (or better yet, to a review page where I can take a look and approve before it goes onto the Ledger).

Can it really be the case that for me to give an account manager access to upload reimbursable receipts (travel, etc.), I need to give them almost full access to the entire business? I don't even mind if they can't login to the Wave website at all. For all I care, just give them "One Way" access to the Wave Receipts app, just for the receipts they've uploaded (or for others, too that would be acceptable). If I have an issue with something they've uploaded, I can just reject it and send it back to them (or even just delete it and email them to try again with better documentation).

Is there a reasonable workaround? Do employees just need to track expenses in a manual spreadsheet (takes way longer) and then I as the business owner needs to go in and manually convert to receipt transactions?
I also thought about what if I maybe made a separate business called "Receipts Documentation" and give those non-accounting employees access to it via their own logins? But then how do I move those Receipts / Transactions into the regular business? It seems that all I can do is download a ZIP file of all images, and also export all transactions. I feel like then to re-upload them and manually attach the receipts is even more complicated than giving the employees an old school spreadsheet with which to do it? Thanks, I really hope I'm just missing something simple here? Apps like Concur have ways to upload receipts without giving employees access to sensitive accounting data.



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    Hey there @rdwc

    This is a really great and thorough post and we appreciate this input in our community.

    User permissions is a request that we see a lot of in our community and through tickets. I understand how this would help you and many of our users. So thank you!

    At this time, I wanted to highlight that we don't have a workaround for this besides to ask the contractor to send you the receipts and have you upload them personally, or add them to your account user one of the user permissions we have in Wave.

    Again I understand this is not the news you were hoping for so I apologize for not being able to provide you a proper workaround.

    We value your feedback and don't hesitate to reach out again.

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    Thanks for the honest reply. You have a good workflow for capturing receipts and moving them to Transactions for approval. Without knowing the details of your back-end, I'd think that one more category of user for receipts/expense uploads would be relatively simple and would go a long way. Another similar request I've had for a while is to allow an easy way (report or whatever) to export receipt info (vendor, date, cost, category, notes, image) to some report to share with a customer for when we need to request reimbursement. Users in our situation need to put all that info into Wave for our accounting, but then when we send them an invoice, we need to line-by-line add it back in to a manual spreadsheet as supporting documentation. If you incorporate the receipt upload permission, then perhaps there could be a quick and easy way to export all receipt info by Employee X, during Date Range Y to attach a simple file to each invoice for reimbursement. Hoping you can consider incorporating these quick wins that would save us small businesses hours each month. This is even a premium feature I'd pay for at a reasonable price, btw.

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