How can we put "cents" with comma ?

NimanthaNimantha Member Posts: 5

In Germany, we write cents after a comma. Example €370,76
but Waves gives me €370.76 no matter what I do. How can I change it? Otherwise, germans can not use this great software at all. I'm not a german but my small freelance business in Germany and there are many freelancers here. Please help. I have done a few invoices and then I noticed this problem.


  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hi there @Nimantha , thanks for your post! I'm afraid that in Wave, only decimals are available to use, so a comma option doesn't exist at this time. We have it set to decimals as this is the standard in most regions, and it is hard as a global software to adhere to every region's specific settings in this way. Thank you for your understanding.

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