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Leaf_MarketingLeaf_Marketing Member Posts: 2

Anyone else from Australia using Wave? I'm based in Perth


  • BohyeonBohyeon Member Posts: 1
    Yep, based in Melbourne and joined this forum to find other Aussies. Also hunting a Wave Pro accountant locally. I've just set up Wave and realise I need to tinker quite a bit with my chart of accounts and reconciliation workflows in order to properly use the API binding to my Etsy shop.
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  • mikesart_68mikesart_68 Member Posts: 1

    Yes I'm based in Sydney and, like others I joined this forum to find out about how to use Wave, and to meet other Australians who successfully use Wave for their accounting needs. After finding out my old MYOB software won't work anymore on my Mac once I upgrade it's system software, I looked around and found Wave. Hopefully it will be as good or a better replacement for MYOB.

  • murraymurray Member Posts: 15

    We went live with Wave yesterday! Murray here in Brisbane. We've been through a gambit of systems: (PC based systems) QuickBooks, MYOB, (then on to Web based systems) WebERP, Phreebooks, QuickbooksOnline, and now Wave. We're finding a few small issues with Wave, but overall it is proving to be an excellent choice.

    So where are we going to have our first user-group-meeting? (PS Not Victoria!)

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