Urgent : Bug in Waveapps Profit & Loss (income Statement) Report

AussieAussieAussieAussie Member Posts: 10

When i generate a profit and loss income statement report on 28 june 2019, it shows me an uncategorize income of -$25

When i click on that uncategorize income of -$25, no transaction shown up for it

i had also filtered all account transactions, and can't see any transactions on 28 june 2019

i am pretty sure it is somekind of bugs? what should i do now ?
is the report generated by waveapps reliable and correct?


  • AussieAussieAussieAussie Member Posts: 10

    account transactions filtered - nothing i can see here... so, where is that -$25 uncategorized income come from ?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,777 admin

    Hey there @AussieAussie

    It appears that some of your Wave pages might not be communicating with each other, and this is why you are seeing discrepancies in the numbers between different pages.

    I have gone ahead and run what we call a "reflow" on your account. This is a back end process that will ensure that your account is in a good state and that all the numbers presented to you are accurate.

    If the reflow is triggered and the account appears to be in a bad state. The system will automatically work behind the scenes to get your account back to a good place.

    Reach out if you're still having any issues with your numbers!

  • AussieAussieAussieAussie Member Posts: 10

    All fixed at this stage. Thanks so much for your help

    edited May 19, 2020
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