Invoice and Payment receipt emails

KesamoKesamo Member Posts: 1

I have been unable to locate a way to change the layout of the emails that customers receive their invoices and payment receipts in. Is this possible? I am aware that the logo can be customised as well as some of the text. However, If not I think it would be great if we could also customise the layout.


  • Pawsome_Pets1Pawsome_Pets1 Member Posts: 4

    Is it possible to permanently change the wording of the email which is sent acknowledging receipt of payment please?

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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @Pawsome_Pets1.

    It isn't currently possible to do so, but I'd love to hear a bit more about what you'd like to see changed. Is there any issues with the current wording, or do you just have a particular bit of information you'd like to be able to give your client?

  • RyanWRyanW Member Posts: 2

    I would also like the ability to modify the receipt of payment. Permanently it would be nice to always have certain language (a thank you, business info, etc).

    Additionally, it would be nice if each invoice referred to more than just the invoice number. At least link to the paid invoice.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @RyanW.

    Thanks for adding your voice to this discussion.

    You can change the language on those receipt emails, you'll just have to do it manually. It's a bit more work, however, and I understand why you would want to be able to change the default wording.

    There is a link to the invoice on the receipt email, however. You can see what that email looks like by checking the "Send myself a copy of this receipt" when you next send one out. It's a large button in the bottom half of the payment receipt.

  • pianoteacherpianoteacher Member Posts: 10

    I agree--I'd like to be able to change and save the default wording. For example, all my clients know that I am a sole proprietor, so it's a little odd for the receipt to say "contact us" instead of "contact me". I have to change it manually on every receipt. It's also important to me for the receipt to say "thank you", so I add this manually, as well.

    If you can't make the receipt editable, perhaps you could offer a choice of one or two different wordings? Thanks for your consideration!

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @Kesamo ! This level of customizability isn't available yet. You can play around with the messages they see upon receipt, but these are all text based at the moment. Our Team is looking into improving our invoicing functionality though, so even though feedback and feature requests are much appreciated (and considered for implementation), any sort of feedback you may have on how to improve this feature is even more appreciated now!

  • camslicecamslice Member Posts: 5

    Would also love to be able to customise receipt email text in a template instead of having to modify the text every time I send a receipt. The thing I always have to change is the name. Receipt emails default to the company name, not the contact name, which is too impersonal when dealing with smaller clients.

  • camslicecamslice Member Posts: 5

    I too have to always change "contact us" to "contact me", as well as change the company name to the contact name. Both for the same reason @pianoteacher stated; I am a sole proprietor.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @camslice, thanks for your feedback on this! as Sam mentioned we are investigating how we can improve on this feature so hearing feedback like this is really beneficial! I can't say for certain when there will be an update, but keep the feedback/suggestions coming :smile:

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @pianoteacher and @camslice, thank you for flagging that this is still an issue. I'm going to talk to some people here and see if there is any way we can get this changed!

  • CodeConnectPtyLtdCodeConnectPtyLtd Member Posts: 5

    Is there any word on this update yet?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,060 admin

    Hi @CodeConnectPtyLtd . No update as of yet I'm afraid. You can still change the wording, there's just no ability to change it to something that it defaults to permanently.

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