Simple Project Management Feature Required

WanasWanas Member Posts: 2

Hello Wave Team,
I'm using your great system since 2013

I would like to discuss a small feature that helps a lot to be implemented in Wave

It is the Simple Project Management,
Let me first explain my idea of it ( as it is not the normal project management way that all software are doing out there)

if We have a tap Called Projects,
I would link only 3 Records as first Ver. of it
1. Estimates
2. Invoice or Invoices
3. Bill or Bills

By adding a field for each Invoice and Bill witch I can choose the Project from a list

Then all will be linked together

Please it is only 1 extra field in your Database
and 1 Table for Project list

we will have the advantage of getting much more important information
We can check Gross profits by Projects


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @Wanas! So awesome to hear you have been with us since 2013! Thanks for providing your feedback here. As you know, at the moment Wave does not currently offer project-based accounting. However, the Product Team are always looking for ways to make Wave better and this is a highly requested feature so it's on our radar for potential future enhancements. Something like the feature you have suggested is small change that could have a big impact!

  • wavewave Member Posts: 1

    still waiting this feature.

    edited May 11, 2020
  • SamaSama Member Posts: 1

    Hi Wave team,
    I'd like to know if this function (project-based accounting) has been added or will be introduced soon, because I think it's relevant in my field of business, which is contracting so that I can keep track of each project's expenditures and income.
    But I'd like to know how to track expenses and revenues for a specific project or group of projects within the company's main activity, which is contracting, until it's implemented.
    Thanks ahead,

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @wave and @Sama, thanks for reaching out here. At present, project-based accounting is not something that Wave has on our roadmap for the near future. Your continued feedback and context is very helpful for our development teams to consider where to focus their efforts next, and we appreciate you reaching out to offer them!

  • BlueLogixBlueLogix Member Posts: 1

    Hi Wave Team,
    At Blue Logix, we love Wave! However, we are also looking for this feature. Any business who works in a contracted-service field would highly benefit from a project linking feature. Many of my clients have multiple projects on different purchase order numbers and need to understand where they are within the hourly or budgeted range that was contracted. If invoices and expenses could be tied to a po# where invoiced amounts/hours were taken from the specified contracted budget, or just accumulated under a specific po#, we would be so grateful! Please add this feature.

    Thank you for your product, it is a life-saver.

  • MFMDCMFMDC Member Posts: 6

    Hi there, just chiming in to say we would also find this feature useful!

  • DesignicDesignic Member Posts: 2
    I too would love a simple fluid list of jobs that are estimates converted to jobs/tasks, but not yet invoiceable.
    I’d pay for this.
  • AshesAshes Member Posts: 1

    Yes this feature is most wanted. a simple tap with Estimate/Invoices/bill. Or the ability to create a project and tag it when we create invoices, estimate or bills and then a window that shows us the project and how it's doing financially.


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