Showing PST and GST for each line item

Christine_Friend2020Christine_Friend2020 Member Posts: 1

Hi All, fairly new to Wave and was wondering if there is a way to show which items are taxed which tax on a line per line basis rather than it just being totally at the bottom.
Not all items I invoice are taxed both the GST and PST, some only GST. Customers want to see what taxes they are paying for what items.
Any help is appreciated!


  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,783 admin

    Hey there @Christine_Friend2020

    Thanks for posting and welcome to Wave :smile:

    It may help us better if you can give us a breakdown or use case scenario or what you're trying to do via your invoices and your transactions. Are you looking to filter your transactions by the tax type? Do let us know and we can gladly help you out

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