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  • irionirion Member Posts: 1

    There is no progress from processing to ready.
    I've done a lot of refresh website, but it's been there for 2 hours.
    What should I do?

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  • MarvinSMarvinS Member Posts: 4

    Are there plans to allow a user to attach a PDF file to an income transaction?

  • Kristian_GKristian_G Member Posts: 56 admin

    Hey @irion,

    Sorry to hear that! We were experiencing a bit of a technical issue related to our receipts system that was causing some receipts to get stuck processing. Then, when the receipts were finally posted, they would be "empty." In other words the details of the receipts wouldn't have uploaded. This was a temporary glitch that has since been resolved.

    If you think this is what's happened to you, you can simply either a) enter the details manually, or delete the receipts, and re-upload them.

    Something else I should note, is that it can sometimes take upwards of ~5 hours for receipts to finish processing. This usually happens when the app is having a hard time reading the receipt. In cases like this, the receipts get reviewed or "read" manually by an actual person, which is it takes so much longer to process.

    In any case, I hope that your receipts have finished processing by now, and I do apologize if you were one of the users that was effected by our temporary glitch!

    As for your question @MarvinS, no I'm afraid not at this time there isn't. But perhaps if you can explain a bit more about why you're hoping/needing to do so we can come up with a suitable alternative :smile:

  • MarvinSMarvinS Member Posts: 4

    Hey @Kristian_G,
    Similar to associating expense receipts with transactions, I need to have documentation to accompany sales revenue. I own a small insurance brokerage agency. I typically receive commission income from a number of insurance carriers each month. Let's say for example that I receive commission income of $8,000 in a particular month from ABC Insurance Company. Accompanied with the income (check or direct bank deposit) is a breakdown showing how revenue from several policies of my insurance clients accumulated to the $8,000 income. It would be helpful in Wave to click on the income transaction of $8,000 and see an attachment showing me the sources (i.e. client insurance policies) attributed to the revenue.

  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @MarvinS. Thanks for reaching out here with your context around this situation for you! At present, there is not a way for users to attach a file to a transaction within Wave. Currently, there are no plans to allow that to be possible within Wave, though your context helps us to build out considerations for it in the future!

  • MarvinSMarvinS Member Posts: 4
  • Paxton_89Paxton_89 Member Posts: 1

    It would be very helpful & avoid duplicating transactions if receipts could be attached to bank import transactions vs. having to upload separate then merge.

  • FWMSquaredFWMSquared Member Posts: 1
    Is there a recommendation for a receipt scanner to use that can easily integrate my receipts in bulk?
  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @FWMSquared

    Not sure if you've checked out our mobile app or the overview of receipts article however these are the only ones I know of. You can always check our integrations page and see if there are any third party integrations we might have available HERE if you search for apps to connect.

  • FinkleanEinhornFinkleanEinhorn Member Posts: 2

    No bar is presenting itself and I'm getting frustrated that I can't upload simple paid invoices or receipts or all in one hit. Seriously no bar is magically appearing after minutes waiting and the images are as clear as day.
    Why not add a camera to the Android Wave invoice app to scan and have everything needed for business needs?
    Does it matter if there is a stapled receipt on the tax invoice/order form at the top?
    Do you gotta .................................... keep them separated?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @FinkleanEinhorn! Thanks for reaching out here, I'm sorry you've been seeing some issues with getting these uploaded, but I'd be more than happy to help here (also, love The Offspring, so we've got that in common!).

    I've noticed in another thread that you've been getting issues when you're trying to download the Wave Receipts app, which I think is one of the big issues here. Happy to break that down together a bit - can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you try to scan that QR code? Once you're able to get that app downloaded, it should be a matter of just uploading them one by one. So yeah, once we get to that point....

    But I'd love to check this out with you in more detail! Any context you've got helps :)

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  • cpotochnycpotochny Member Posts: 1

    Well, like other users, I want the ability to attach a receipt to a bank transaction without going through a rigmarole. I don't want a transaction to be created from a receipt upload, I want the ability to attach a file to a transaction..

  • MokoMoko Member Posts: 1
    Wow I thought I was thick ! But all this confirms I AM ! .
    LOST DAZED CONFUSED . I can’t get anything to do what it’s supposed to be doing. Anyone got a rope 🤯
  • moreaactionsmoreaactions Member Posts: 1

    Yes! Echoing many others: Please just let us attach a receipt directly to a bank or credit card transaction from the web. The process of uploading it separately, then it creates a transaction, then I have to merge them -- that is a huge waste of time.

  • RoylRoyl Member Posts: 1

    this will help me a lot. always missing paper work

  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @Moko @moreaactions @Royl

    We very much hear you on this request and our team is aware of the benefits this would have for your accounting. Thanks so much for this feedback and know that our developers are listening to you here.

  • hermanarmashermanarmas Member Posts: 1
    I need the mobile app explanation.
  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hey @hermanarmas , anything in particular that you're having trouble with? If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them!

  • YacTranslatorYacTranslator Member Posts: 1

    Hello. In uploading a business purchase receipt, I come to the "Payment Account" field. On its drop-down menu, it asks me to choose one of two choices: Cash on Hand; Owner Investment/Drawings. Which one do I choose? What does each choice mean?

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hey @YacTranslator , the payment account is referring to the bank account (normally) that your expense was taken from. if you haven't added your bank account in your Chart of Accounts yet, you'll want to do that first to set up you Wave account. Then you can select your bank account in the drop-down menu next time you upload a receipt.

  • RosobrienRosobrien Member Posts: 1

    Agreed with many others here - it should be possible to just attach a receipt to a transaction, rather than having to create a new transaction and merge them.

  • MarvinSMarvinS Member Posts: 4

    Hey @ Kristian_G and @ ConnorM. I figured out a workaround to attaching a file to an income transaction. I will simply use the mobile app to initially upload the transaction as an expense with a photo attached to it. I will then log into Wave via desktop computer and change the transaction from an expense to income.

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  • TrishMisoTrishMiso Member Posts: 1
    I have receipts that have been “processing” for a day and I can’t see which receipt is which I order to manually input them. What should I do aside from wait? At this point it really seems like they are just stuck
  • NancyCNancyC Member Posts: 148 admin

    hey @TrishMiso I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had with your receipts being stuck in the processing tab, can I ask how many receipts are currently suck processing? There is a known bug, that can occur when too many receipts are being processed at once.

    What I'd recommend doing would be to log out and then back in to the app itself. That will remove all receipts from processing. You will need to re-upload those receipts in order for them to appear in Wave (if there's a batch that needs to be uploaded, I recommend starting with a couple of receipts first).

  • Nic_FNic_F Member Posts: 1

    Quick Question for which I have not found an answer yet: When adding receipts using the app, why is the currency changing from a receipt to another? Is there a way to force a currency for the receipts?
    And now a comment: It would be so helpful to know which user has uploaded the receipt. We all use iOS. That is not helpful.

  • KristenVKristenV Member Posts: 121 admin

    Hi @Nic_F , when uploading a receipt, Wave will be able to detect the currency on the receipt and reflect that in your account when the receipt is processed. At this time, there is no feature to default all receipts to be in one currency. That being said, you are able to manually change the receipt currency prior to posting it to Accounting.

    As for your suggestion of indicating which user uploaded the receipt, I really appreciate you bringing that to our attention. Our Developers are always looking through these Community threads for feedback and ideas from our users. Feel free to let us know more about how this feature would improve your workflow.

  • Richmond123Richmond123 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, how can I email receipts to my personal email or to someone else after uploading a photo on my phone app?

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hey @Richmond123 , sorry but I'm not fully understanding your question. If you're just looking to email receipts to yourself, you can do that by attaching the photo in an email to your personal email.

    If I'm missing something, please don't hesitate to get back to us and we'd be more than happy to take a further look.

  • TJ_sloanTJ_sloan Member Posts: 1

    When verifying a receipt why am i not able to select the asset accounts "Inventory" as a category as i am in transactions?
    Also the merchandiser/ vendor is not transitioned through after the upload.

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  • JulianPJulianP Member Posts: 1,002 ✭✭✭

    Hey @TJ_sloan !

    When uploading a receipt and selecting a category, you will need to select the appropriate expense account to allocate the expense to. Later, if you'd like to reallocate the expense for whatever reason, you can do so by using a journal transaction.

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