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I would like to know if there's any way to make the text in the invoice lines use the entire width of the invoice. We put a lot of information into each line and customers complain that it is hard to read because every few words wrap to the next line. It also makes the invoice unnecessarily long.

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    @jfs yes, that is an excellent request. The width of a field is usually a setting in the software language, and I can definitely see the benefits of using the entire line. I vote for a feature request giving us this option.

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    Hey @jfs and @AccountsPro,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm afraid that this is not currently something that's changeable or customizable on Wave invoices. Having said that, I would like to get a better sense of what you both are asking... If either of you (or both) could provide a screenshot of what you're describing that'd be great!

    Based on what you've written, what I'd suggest doing as a workaround for the time being, would be to enter the line item descriptions in the notes section of the invoice, rather than the 'description' portion of the line items area of the invoice. The text in the notes section is not bound by any column, unlike the line item description text which is bound to the item column.

    Here's an idea of what that might look like.

    I realize that this isn't the tidiest work around in the world, but it might be a nicer alternative for the time being.

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    I appreciate the suggestion, but the notes are tied to the line. Please see the attached screenshots to illustrate what I mean.

    When I used to use Crystal Reports (yes, I know I'm dating myself! LOL) I was able to use the entire width because there weren't ever going to be numbers on the lines below the amounts.

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    @Kristian_G & @jfs ..I have to admit that second screenshot says it all, lol.

    It looks more like a project based invoice, doesn't it? If there is a demand for this but the white space can't be used up due to database layouts in the code, what about a link to notes for the invoice item, when clicked opens up the description?

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    @AccountsPro , We actually use the notes at the bottom for overall project notes. In our use case, each line is a discreet unit of work so we need the notes at the line level.

    I just realized what you meant. That could work in an online only environment, but most of our clients are organizations that want at least a discreet PDF to save if not actual paper...

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    @jfs - ah yes, I see. I was not thinking of hard copies, but I understand exactly what you mean.

    Well it does seem the only alternative at the moment in WaveApps is to carry on as you are or do as suggested by @Kristian_G .., I do find this a very interesting challenge, so if you ever come up with another solution, please share it here. I'd be very grateful.

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    @AccountsPro you got it. I may go the route of using the API to roll my own, but I'd rather not if it's only for line wrapping.

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    @Kristian_G - do you think it's a possibility that we can ask for development of project invoices as another type of report? Or do you think there is no demand for this with WaveApps clients?

    Xero has project invoices option, instead of a straight forward invoice - and they include many features needed for project managers - even builders use those types of invoices.

    Let me know if you think it's worth while and then I will post a comprehensive suggestion in the appropriate forum, with mock ups or screenshots where necessary.


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    Hi @AccountsPro! It is great to see ongoing discussions between Community members about feature ideas. To be transparent, there are no immediate plans to dive into project based accounting. This is an area we are aware we have not yet catered for in Wave but hopefully we will be able to fulfill this in the future. However, this does not mean the team are not open to ideas or requests and the community is a great place to get a gauge on how popular these are and put them on our radar! Thanks again for the great Community discussions!

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    @Kristian_G & @EmmaP - a pleasure. Or maybe Custom Document Template options - giving flexibility of design.

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    @Kristian_G @EmmaP @AccountsPro Thanks for joining in the conversation!

    Project accounting would be great, but we simply want to have the text lines go across the page. I'm pretty sure it would be used by a great many users.

    While it should be a much smaller change to implement this, we know it has to be added to the road map and planned out if you decide to add it to the feature set.

    Thanks for listening. B)

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    @jfs - I'll certainly support you and vote for that feature, if it is added to the features wanted list. Let me know.

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    @AccountsPro how do I add it to the official "features wanted list"? I can't seem to find the option anywhere. Thanks! :)

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    @jfs Our product team is constantly going over the community ideas and the features requested on here. We also have a Accounting Feature Ideas community discussion section here.

    As Emma mentioned, there are no immediate plans on our roadmap to dive into project based accounting. We appreciate you keeping the conversation going! Feel free to add as many details of your specific need of this feature at this time!

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    Hey @jfs - how was your Easter weekend? I just got back to work now and saw your query, so glad their is a link sent by @JessG. Let me know when you've added your suggestion and I will go vote.


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