Unable to sync in Wave Receipts App

ThaipissedThaipissed Member Posts: 2
It appears that I have receipts sitting in the Processing column dated back to the end of August 2018 and when I click on one it says “Unable to sync, tap to retry” . Two receipts say ‘Processing’ in orange. The rest are ‘Queued’. They don’t appear to be going to the Ready column where I have receipts dating back to January 2018. I have entered the details for payment and category on some of them and have pressed Save and also Post to Accounting and I get the message “Failed to convert receipt to a transaction. Please try again later”. Also the Unable to Sync message comes up. I am connected to wifi. Why is this happening?


  • TylerKTylerK Administrator Posts: 94 admin

    Hey @Thaipissed - that certainly sounds frustrating. In cases like this a good first step would be to delete and re-install the app. It sounds like it's an issue with pulling the data correctly and therefore syncing it. Deleting and re-installing the app will also force you to sign out and sign back in in addition to ensuring you have the most recent version installed.

  • ThaipissedThaipissed Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Tyler. I have signed out and back in again which has appeared to have fixed the glitch. The receipts I had uploaded since August have disappeared so I will just need to re upload them all.
  • ian_doug05ian_doug05 Member Posts: 2


    I am also having this problem using a Hauwei P30 Lite.

    When I try to post to accounting i get Error "Failed to upload changes to the server. Please try again later"

    When I try to send them for processing I get "Unable to sync, tap to retry" followed by could not upload your receipt. Tap "retry" to upload Receipt.

    I have logged out and logged back in and deleted the app and reinstalled it but to no avail. Been loving the app up until now but this is a real headache.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,166 admin

    Hi @ian_doug05 . Can you log into your Wave account and confirm that these receipts aren't actually posting to Accounting under Accounting > Transactions? Just want to confirm that this isn't an error with the message that you're receiving.

  • ian_doug05ian_doug05 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Alex

    They have made it to my transactions but that would likely be because I just done them again via the laptop instead of the App. The receipts that are on my phone are saying that they are still waiting review but I have reviewed them on the account through my laptop.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,166 admin

    @ian_doug05 . Can you try uploading a receipt to the app, and if you get the same error message, can you absolutely confirm that they did not in fact end up reaching your accounting? I want to be 100% sure that using the mobile app won't allow you to post the transactions.

  • Bel_SpencerBel_Spencer Member Posts: 2

    I have the same problem

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,166 admin

    Hey @Bel_Spencer . Can you try the following steps.

    Log out and log back into the online platform.
    Log out and log back into the app.
    Completely delete and the app and re-download it.

    Let me know if this works for you!

  • come2tobagocome2tobago Member Posts: 2
    I have logged out and logged back in. Uninstalled and re-installed. Receipts still will not load, will not sync
  • JessGJessG Administrator Posts: 54 admin

    @come2tobago Thanks for reaching out. Can you please provide more detail as to what workflow you're currently experiencing issues with? If via the Receipts App, are the receipts not showing under the Purchases > Receipts at all and under any status?

    If you have multiple businesses in your Wave account, can you please ensure that you're uploading to and checking into the same business? In the Receipts App, you can see this by going to Settings (top right hand corner) > Switch Business. Let me know and we can dig into this further! Cheers.

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