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HI Guys, I haven't seen any 'support' yet for my query about starting balances, even though I have an email asking me to rate the 'help' I have supposedly had!!! I have done an April/May GST report and now need to do the June/July one. The problem is I have no starting balance appears!! Shouldn't it carry from from April 1 through to the end of May and be there for June 1?? Please advise.


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @philm326, thanks for reaching out! We do have a really handy Help Centre article on entering starting balances, you can read it, here. Is this how you entered your balances?

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    Hi, I am having many problems with switching to Wave from Clearbooks.
    I need to put:
    Bank account: starting balance on 1/08/2018 is 987.08, but this should not also appear in Owner investment, as this is Director's Loan account (see below)
    Director's Loan account: balance on 1/08/2018 is -2,489.50 (i.e. money owed to myself as a Director).
    But Wave adds the starting balance to Owner investment. How can I avoid that?
    Thank you

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    Hey there @vulcan29

    Are you able to simply delete this transaction or edit it? You can then create a new transaction by adding a balance (income or expense) under the account you wish. This would act like the starting balance right off the top. Check out this article on starting balances in Wave

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