Emailing receipts isn't working

HandymanHeadleeHandymanHeadlee Member Posts: 45

For the last two days emailing receipts to rec[email protected] isn't working for me. They just aren't showing up anywhere. The last time I successfully emailed a receipt was 7/8/2019. Is there a problem with this feature? Thanks for any help!

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @HandymanHeadlee . When you email these into Wave, do you receive an email confirmation afterwards prompting you to post to your accounting?
    Also, can you check on the web platform under Settings > Receipts to confirm that the "Upload via email" setting is toggled on?

    Let us know!

  • HandymanHeadleeHandymanHeadlee Member Posts: 45

    Hi @alexlewiszarkos, I was getting email confirmations up until 7/8/2019 (which was the last time I successfully emailed a receipt) but none since, not even in my spam folder :) I've tried emailing at least three different receipts since then with no luck. The Upload via Email setting is turned on, and I'm able to upload/scan receipts using the web interface and the Receipts app. The receipts are being sent by the same email address used with our Wave account. Thanks for any help!

  • herkupherkup Member Posts: 3

    for the last week most emails don't go through any idea what can be done???

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  • herkupherkup Member Posts: 3

    any update with this problem????

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Member Posts: 261 admin

    @HandymanHeadlee @herkup I'm wondering if you are forwarding these receipt emails? Forwarded receipts are not designed to post to your Accounting > Transactions page in Wave (although, historically, sometimes it works). In general, we recommend you follow these instructions when emailing receipts:

    1. Send one receipt per email (we do not recognize multiple attachments per email).
    2. The email must to be sent from the same email address you use to log in to Wave. @HandymanHeadlee , I know you've got this one covered.
    3. Send your receipt as a new email – do not forward receipts you've received in your email.
    4. The receipt must to be an attachment.
    5. The receipt must be in one of the supported formats: PDF, HTML, jpg/jpeg, tiff/tif, bmp and png.
  • HandymanHeadleeHandymanHeadlee Member Posts: 45

    Thanks @ckeen_1244. When I was able to get this to work, I simply forwarded the email. The receipt wasn't an attachment, it was just in the body of the email. From what you shared above it sounds like this was an accidental success, but quite honestly that is how it should work. Any chance this feature will be updated? Thank you!

  • herkupherkup Member Posts: 3

    I am logged in with the same user i am sending the invoice
    i am just trying to send the invoice after creating it to the customers email from wave
    it's still not working

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    To be completely honest with you @HandymanHeadlee

    We are pushing forth with improving our mobile receipts application rather than the email function. You were right in saying that this was a happy accident, but it looks like it this may not be a function working for a few of our users if they were in the past. Again a majority of our teams efforts is going toward keeping up with our mobile receipts application as well as new receipt uploading abilities in our online Wave platform. Take care!

  • DavidBerndtDavidBerndt Member Posts: 4 ✭✭

    This is NOT a happy accident. So many receipts are emailed if you travel and use Wave to capture them so I can bill the client. Uber/Lyft don't even have an attachment so a mobile app won't help. And hotels and airfare all email you either an attachment or an email body receipt that trying to send to accounting via mobile will be a royal pain. Please reconsider putting this feature back into the system.

  • alexk_alexk_ Member Posts: 4

    Emailing receipts hasn't worked for months, I lost so many receipts it's not funny.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @alexk_, I'm sorry to hear that you lost a lot of receipts due to this. As you can see in this thread, emailing receipts was a function that was never supported in Wave, but there were a bunch of users who were able to use it in this way. At this time, this feature is not on our road-map, but we will provide an update if this changes.

  • wizzmotronwizzmotron Member Posts: 4

    @AlexL @EmmaP @BarsinA Whether or not the feature was a happy accident or not the fact remains that it was a feature and in my opinion was the most useful feature of WaveApps. I would fwd any email receipt either in body or as attachment and wave would process it 95% of the time correctly into the expenses of the relevant business. I must have lost HUNDREDS of receipts into this hole as there was no heads up that the feature would be sidelined and disabled. The laborious task of picking through to find every expense that didn't make it through will be a long one.

    The receipts app works well, but is only useful when there is a printed receipt which is increasingly uncommon - 90% of my business receipts are emailed through. Please at least reenable the feature as it was a few months ago to keep the user base of this feature happy with the WaveApps service.

  • RenatafRenataf Member Posts: 3

    if this doesn't work there should be an email response saying your receipt cannot be imported.

  • Alex_Cheng_88Alex_Cheng_88 Member Posts: 4

    Just crazy how Wave just changes things (unannounced) and we lose all our receipts that I trusted Wave to be able to retain just as years past). I can't believe I need to now PRINT all my receipts only to take a photo of each of them with the app and tag all that info. Crazy, just crazy. I guess you get what you paid for....

  • Mjago90Mjago90 Member Posts: 2

    I have been using this for ages and has been one of the best features of your application. I created a number of automated rules which meant that I would get receipts posted on Wave with no input from me.
    Now going through all the receipts since July to try and understand what the heck I missed. Not happy with the communication from your side at all guys!

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  • bd3517bd3517 Member Posts: 8

    I kept hoping Wave would come to their senses about fixing this feature they broke but alas, it's been months and have given up hope. On top of that account sync with Capital One is now broken with no path forward. I can report that Quickbooks Self Employed has inline email submission and Capital One account integration. Goodbye Wave with $250 down the drain for the consulting I paid for to set things up.

  • csburdickcsburdick Member Posts: 1

    Yeah this is ridiculous, I've lost dozens or hundreds of receipts because of this, not realizing it wasn't working. I assumed this very basic feature would just be working in something that calls itself an accounting software.

    I couldn't possibly care less about the mobile receipts.

  • MattiasMattias Member Posts: 1

    It seems ridiculous to me that the Wave service to accept emailed receipts only handles attachments that could be uploaded when the primary value of this email feature is to turn emailed receipts into uploaded ones without the need for separate files, papers, or photos.

    And the fact that there is no response email alerting us to the fact that the receipt could not be processed is not ok. Your entire product and service are built on managing user data more efficiently (it's obviously possible to do accounting in many other ways), so this problem represents a critical failure.

    This is an extremely bad user experience and this DATA LOSS will sour a lot of people on the service. This has already broken my trust in your product, service, and brand. I will be considering other options but I'm currently too invested and with too little free time to make the change. So I would rather you earn the trust back, instead.

    You need to do this:
    1) If you get an email you can't handle, you must reply with an error email.

    You absolutely should do this:
    2) If you get any email without a receipt attachment, then have your email-accepting service print the message as a PDF, internally, and upload that as a new receipt. Forcing every user to do this on their machine or device--and for every email--is a very poor experience.

    Please reconsider the importance of these two items on your backlog. This represents USER DATA LOSS! And worse, the silent errors actually cause DATA CORRUPTION in the accounting record.

    Thank you.

  • AndorinAndorin Member Posts: 9

    Just logged in to do my annual accounts and discovered you cannot email receipts anymore. Must say, this is bizarre. Why on earth would you get rid of this & make the software worse? Who wants to directly upload each receipt?

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