How does Wave import transactions from connected financial institutions?



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    Plaid apparently cannot get along with Capital One. Here is a list of those that can: Mint, Buxfer, Quickbooks Online, xero, freshbooks, clearbooks, ..
    Wave picked the wrong provider and had all of the data to know how many customers this would harm.

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    I connect My Banks with new aggregator, up to January 20 I had transactions, but after that I didn't receive any update from Bank connection, and yes I have new transaction, Bank connection doesn't show any balance or update status information. Whats going on with wave?

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    Hi @VikTH0R , if you're trying to connect with RBC, our data aggregator is currently experiencing an outage which they are aware of. No ETA at the moment, but they are working on getting it fixed.

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    So I have Bank of America with multi factor authentication and I get an error message telling me that multi-factor accounts are not supported and I need to use a different account, SERIOUSLY! Am I supposed to have a backup account or something? I imagine if I ever do get a response from Wave it will be to turn off 2 step authentication so I can pay Wave to have a far less secure bank account, until it gets hacked!!! I never had any problems over the last two years until a Wave’s improvement. I’ve contacted customer non-support 4-5 times now and I got a boilerplate letter in response only once. The letter, addressed to “Hi There” which obviously is NOT MY NAME, didn’t even address the issue I was having. I don’t remember ever having worse customer service then this. Burns me big time that Wave is making money off my business and ignoring my situation, beyond insulting. I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse as I’ve had dealings in the past with H&R Block, who purchased Wave, that I never intend to repeat so guess I’m looking for a new service ASAP.

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    Hi @Me_too1 . In regards to Bank of America, they have a complex MFA different than the rest of the industry which our data aggregator doesn't currently support. The solution to this would be turning off MFA, otherwise I'm afraid it doesn't support importing transactions for bookkeeping.

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    Hi AlexL,
    All I can say is that for the past 2 years I've been using the connector and importing from BofA with absolutely no problem until Wave switched providers. Complex or not Wave had it right before deciding to use a better provider. Facts are facts and excuses are excuses. What's absolutely shocking though is the suggestion from a financial transactions provider that "The Solution to this" is for people to use a less secure banking process is grossly irresponsible. In today's security challenged climate that's setting yourself up for serious legal liability were someone to follow such an, ill advised, solution and then get their account hacked, possibly loose their business, livelihood or worse - I mean WOW - That's a Solution?? Not a wise move Wave/H&R Block. Wave and H&R Block's position on the matter is all too clear now and there's only one reasonable option left on the table, get my business out of here ASAP!

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    As a non profit that is donation ran and has very little income, I cant afford a service that isnt free. Wave WAS great, but now it wont reconnect to my bank no matter how many times I try the tips and tricks. Its PNC not some little bank.

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    Hey @Me_too1 , I should've used different wording for that so my apologies. This may not be the outcome you're looking for at the moment, but this is the only method that will allow you to import from BoA until our data aggregator supports this MFA. I am in no way suggesting that's how you handle it, but I'm here to lay out all the options that you have so that you can make the right decision for your business.

    Hi @WWbirdrehab . I see that you have an on-going ticket with support, please reach out there for more help with your issue.

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    Hi @AlexL. Any news on the RBC connection problem you referenced on Feb. 3. I reconnected my accounts more than an hour ago and the transactions are not coming in.
    Thanks in advance!

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    This is ridiculous, many large banks are unsupported now.

    My bank, Frost Bank was supported earlier and now is another that's not supported. Please advise when it will be supported again.

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    Hey @Brian_Bradley , no news on RBC at the moment I'm afraid but our data aggregator is actively working on a fix.

    @a1pilot certain accounts and financial institutions are not currently supported but our data aggregator is always adding new banks. Please check back again in the future to see if support has been added!

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    Does Desjardins Works? Been two months I have to add transactions manually...

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    Hi everyone, thank you for reaching out in our Community. As you are aware Wave has recently changed to a new data provider. We acknowledge that the transition has not been smooth for all users so we apologize if you have been impacted by this.

    The transition to the new provider is now complete and most financial institutions and account types were able to resume connections as normal. However, we are also seeing instances where connections are failing for various reasons. Our top priority is working with our data aggregator to identify and resolve these issues. For us to be able to track these issues or look into your specific case, we encourage you to submit a ticket to our Support team for further investigation.

    If you had trouble reconnecting, or your account or Financial Institution is currently not supported by our new data aggregator we know this can be frustrating. If you are not able to connect we have some great alternative solutions for data importing such as Wave Connect which allows you to have greater control over your importing, or our CSV uploader.

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    Hi everyone! As we continue to try and troubleshoot any connection issues that you may be having, we’ve added a support link to the bottom of this Help Center article (linked on page 1) so that you can reach out to our Support team directly and get some more personalized help with the issue you’re facing. We will be closing out this thread but you now have a more direct route to obtaining support through the link. Thanks!

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