Regular expression into search function

chinhousweechinhouswee Member Posts: 7

I wanted to search all transactions, that exclude certain words in the description. So I thought how about waveapps adds some regular expression function into the search component.



  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @chinhouswee , this isn't currently on our roadmap, but I'd love to hear exactly how you would use this. Can you give me an example of what kind of transactions you're looking to exclude when searching? Your real life workflow would work greatly.

  • chinhousweechinhouswee Member Posts: 7

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for the reply. Specifically in this case I was trying to split an income category into 2. Until now I had almost all my income in one category. So I wanted to recategorize these past transactions for analysis, but it was too many and didn't wanted to go through the past 5 years of data one by one manually.
    Well the transactions were "regular daily cash report" and "other cash income" (with vary description).
    In retrospect I could have categorized the first one first and afterwards all others would have remained, but I was too tired at the moment and had little time for these kind of work. I'm managing a relative small business without professional accounting experience. I do a lot of optimization and correcting my data long after the input, because many things that I should do came to my knowledge very late.

    So my problem is already solved, but I still hope I could be of help giving your team some new ideas for the future design of waveapps.

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