Integration issues with Capital One



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    Capital one is not the problem. This a wave problem and their new and helpless bank integrator problem. Why choose any service that does not connect to all 25 of the top 25 financial institutions? Ignorance? I don't think so. Stupid.
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    Wave switched integrators from Yodlee to Plaid. Not sure why they did that since Yodlee works with Capital One, but Plaid does not. This was not a wise decision. Hopefully Wave can go back to using Yodlee. If not, I will have to jump ship as I have several businesses and use Capital One cards with most. I just tried Cheqbook and it is importing Capital One just fine. They use Yodlee.

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    Hi there, thank you everyone for reaching out to voice your feedback on this. I understand Bank Connections are an important part of your business so I'm sorry you are being impacted by this issue. We do not have any further updates about the Capital One connection at this time.

    The reason connections are not working for Capital One currently is because we have changed our bank data provider. The decision to switch to a new data provider came about because of the demonstrated increased connection stability, transaction update frequency, and generally wider bank coverage with the update. While we realize the new data provider currently does not support a Capital One connection, we can confirm they are currently in ongoing conversations to try and get a connection established.

    In the meantime we can continue to suggest using Wave Connect or our CSV uploader to import your data manually.

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    Wow, and I even tweeted your little pre-made tweet to Cap1. Shame on you guys. I'm switching to Xero.

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    Any ideas on when Capital One Sync connections will work again?

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    @jennye I moved your comment over to our discussion about Capital One. Our data aggregator is still experiencing issues with Capital One. The conversations between them and Capital One are still ongoing but at this time, we don't have an ETA for a resolution.

    We recommend using our CSV uploader and our Google Sheets add-on, Wave Connect to do direct bulk uploads at this time.

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