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  • SaulSaul Member Posts: 1

    +1 for the I Can't Believe there are no credit notes...even very small businesses need this. I'm not sure what the moderators or product team are doing to keep in touch with business owners/typical users, but man, this is seriously a basic/essential/fundamental thing...I wouldn't even call it a feature, it's supposed to be part of the core.

    I know this software is pretty good and free and I much appreciate it, but this is a serious pain point. At least allow us to record a positive or negative balance at the Customer account level.


  • BrigetteBrigette Member Posts: 0

    I am battling to find process a credit note. Any suggestions/guidance?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,529 admin

    Hi @Brigette . We don't currently offer the capability of a credit note, but I've merged your thread into this one so you can get some more context as well as resources on it.

  • MottMott Member Posts: 1

    I've read the whole thread for the past half an hour, and I can't believe this discussion is still going on since two years. I've nothing more to add other that what everyone has already stated, that a simple credit note is a basic function of any accounting software and is necessary for even the smallest of the businesses.

  • GreggAGreggA Member Posts: 2

    Adding my voice!
    Definitely need the Credit Note functionality - pretty stock standard for any accounting package.
    Thanks for the great product thus far, Wave! Please add Credit Notes.

  • tonyshawjrtonyshawjr Member Posts: 1

    How has this been talked about for two years and still not taken seriously... can this be a focus on the roadmap? It's pretty basic to business

  • MrShaminoMrShamino Member Posts: 1

    I just found this thread cause in need of a credit note! C'mon Wave Team! You got an amazing app here!

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