Integration issues with Capital One



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    Hi everyone. I'm afraid we still don't have any updates from our Data Aggregator on the connection.

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    Could you elaborate on how you solved this? Your description is a bit cryptic. If you could share a step by step that would be most helpful and appreciated.


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    Me waiting on Capital One to work.

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    When is this going to be fixed? Capital one says that their security standards have improved and wave has not caught up to the security standards required.

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    Hey @Wes_TopHomes

    We are currently moving to a different data aggregator with more reliable transaction pulling, as well as improved security and even still this connection is down on our new platform. Our data aggregator both old and new are unable to accommodate the changes at this time and we're really asking our Cap One ands PNC users to continue reaching out to their bank and ask for this connection to be reinstated.

    Again our apologies you're being affected by this outage, however both institutions are not able to accommodate it seems and we're left in the middle.

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    I will be unable to use the platform until this issue with CapitalOne is resolved. Hoping for an update soon!

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    I know you guys are doing your best, but this is insane. I can't reconcile the end of year due to this issue. I understand that other providers like QuickBooks is having the same issue. Capital One is the loser. I am switching to American Express.

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    Mint and Quickbooks can both sync to my capital one accounts, so clearly Intuit has figured out a solution and this is a uniquely Wave issue. Very frustrating as I was looking forward to transferring my business from Quickbooks, but guess I can't

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    I'm evaluating using Wave but not accessing Capital One is a huge issue for me. Do we have a timeline for a fix?

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    Our Customers are unable to pay invoices via bank payment because of this Capital One issue.

    Capital One told one of our customers that Wave’s connect wasn’t up to date/secure which is why it’s being blocked.
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    I was told this by CapOne, but it's not factual. An internet search found for me that CapOne made a contract with Quickbooks/Quicken for uploading privileges

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    Hi @maximo200 , no timeline although we are working to get this resolved.

    Hey @SBANA . Your customers can input their banking information manually instead of logging in to their bank account. If they enter information like "000" into the bank search bar, it won't be able to retrieve a bank based on the information provided and it will prompt your customer for their manual banking information to pay the invoice.

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    I was migrated to the new data provider recently and Capital One integration broke. What's the ETA for it to be fixed again?

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    Hey @sanjeevnuts . We're working on a fix with our data aggregator but there's no firm ETA at the moment.

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    I've been looking into accounting software options for our rental business and tried a couple of trials and what I found was that Quickbooks and Xero seem to be fine. Wave and Hurdlr are broken. I have not tried any others.

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    I attempted to call Capital One via their 1-800 as instructed when the connection failed. It was a massive failure. The customer service rep had no idea where to reference this "request" and then transferred me to the other side of the globe for a walkie-talkie conversation, 1/2 second delay. The "Tier 2" "Digital Department" Capital One rep had no idea whatsoever how to notate this request and claimed that "3rd party apps are not their responsibility." I tried to make a "suggestion" but the rep mentioned there was no official way to "request" anything.

    The campaign is better off using the TWITTER solution to notify Capital One.

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    concerning for me I just opened a capital one account to use with wave and now that I am trying to link my account I come to the understanding that wave and capital one have issues. I too spoke with a rep from capital one and they told me that the issue was coming from wave for not being up to date with their "requirements" I don't know. Anyways I need this up and running soon any clue how long it'll take? if not im sorry I will have to take my business elsewhere.

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    Hey @PMeyer

    Essentially the data aggregator that we use has made numerous security updates, but since Capital One had a breach or a scare of one, they've updated their security to a degree that our third party data aggregator is not able to match at this time. Any comments on Quickbook's or Xero's data aggregation I cannot make as I am unfamiliar with it.


    Yes yes and YES. We have been directing our frustrated CapOne users to mention them on Twitter or Facebook. They typically respond with something along the lines of "our data aggregator is not secure enough" etc etc. But it's still worth notifying them.


    My apologies but we don't have any insight as to when or if this will be resolved :(
    As always, feel free to check out our Wave Connect add on or our CSV uploader

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    So by making the integration "better" - you've broken the ability to connect to Capital One altogether. No ETA and the recourse is to use a CSV uploader?

  • bpeters10bpeters10 Member Posts: 2

    Also, what about credit card transactions with Capital One - are they not going to update now?

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    I echo bpeters10 post: "So by making the integration "better" - you've broken the ability to connect to Capital One altogether."

    My Capital One Business account integrations (credit card and savings account) worked absolutely fine for multiple years up until the mandatory account re-connection after Wave "upgraded" their integration. This is not an "upgrade", this is a disaster. To point the finger at Capital One and suggest wasting my time contacting them as a single consumer to request they consider adding integration capabilities for Wave is somewhat insulting. Wave was either oblivious that their integration provider change would eliminate integration with a major bank, or did know and chose to make the change without so much as warning their customers in advance. Not a good look either way. Some in this thread are reporting that other major accounting software platforms are NOT having this integration issue with Capital One. If true, the comments from Wave in this thread are confusing at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

    We will unfortunately be forced to switch to another accounting software provider if this issue is not resolved quickly, or at minimum a reasonable short-term work-around provided. We have loved using and supporting Wave these past 3+ years. This blunder, intentional or unintentional, makes me wonder if the thing that made Wave succeed and grow these last few years, being a customer-centric small business accounting platform, is on it's way to being a thing of the past now that Wave has been acquired by H&R Block. I for one hope not.

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    This Capitol One issue is a new one for me due to the switch to the new data provider. If the connection can't be made soon, I'll have to switch to another accounting software.

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    I was just migrated to the new bank connection system today and find out that it no longer supports my Capital One account. So I contacted Capital One and they say WAVE doesn't meet the security requirements? Then I find this thread and the problem has been ongoing since at least May of LAST YEAR. It's immoral to blame, and continue to blame, Capital One for this issue. Accidents happen. Accept responsibility.

    Why would you continue to roll out these changes without notifying customers of the known problems they would face? Your chat system says live staffing is available, but there is no way to get to a live person? Just the robo chat over, and over. So I put in a ticket and, instead, I am dumped to this page. I don't valued as a WAVE customer.

    I am tired of companies saying "After great demand we have updated our system to improve blah, blah, blah but the improvement wasn't requested by customers (I made no requests and know nobody who did), indeed, the update broke an essential feature for me and many others. I've been with WAVE about 7 years. It seems WAVE simply keeps upgrading their software whether it needs to be upgraded or not. After a recent overhaul of their UI I had to relearn how to use the system. Very frustrating.

    I've referred dozens of clients to use WAVE software over the years. At this point though I am beginning to realize that you get what you pay for with WAVE. Life lesson here: When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.

    I am saddened by the thought of moving to a new accounting software. This is because I will have to start over again and also because I really liked WAVE. But my business must have dependable partners. My business has strived on strong relationships to be successful. I don't feel I have had that with WAVE for some time now.
    Corey- Founder, Golden Gate Organics

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    Capital One has been touch and go with me, but honestly they're the easiest and lowest cost checking accounts to open. It makes running my businesses much simpler, but WaveApps is complicating it all. Like the other comments said, this is not a Capital One issue,...please fix this!

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    Hoping this is solved soon.

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    Come on Wave Apps. Security should be one of your top priorities. Stop blaming Capital One. Fix YOUR issues; other accounting software connections are up to snuff. Looks like I am finally done with your half-assed efforts.

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    Wave suggested it was capital ones problem- capital one says its wave's aggregator .
    Why put me through an half hour of hold with some english-as-a second-language CapOne rep so I can be advised its not their problem?
    This worked up until a few days ago - not very well -but it dd work. I complained and Wave said they were working on it.
    Now wave doesn't even have their useful little dashboard page - just an excuse.
    Ever hear of Beta testing before your roll -out?

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    Does your excuse make any sense when many other apps are able to connect to Capital One successfully?

    It's not Capital One's "upgrade" that broke the integration
    It's your "downgrade" to a buggy integration service provider that has broken it.
    Stop blaming the integration provider. OMG guys haven't you heard of Change Management? You don't move anything to Production till you have QA/DEV sign-off on the Change.

    Why are you giving excuses for your content provider?
    It's time to own the issue and fix the mess. Just ask the other apps how they are doing it if your developers are not up to snuff.

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