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    yup I have to agree. This upgrade is hideous. It is no upgrade at all as far as I'm concerned. Things that were so simple before are now frustratingly difficult. Just two simple things I used to do (a lot!) is now impossible. 1. Moving a business transaction on a personal credit card to my business. 2. viewing all my transactions in a simple table so I could make sure they were allocated properly.

    In addition, I'm trying to reconcile my bank using this fancy new 'reconciliation' function (which I never needed before) and I have a transaction I want left as 'uncategorized' but I can't!

    I can't reconcile the bank transaction until I put it in an account. So I thought fine, I'll create a new expense account called 'temp'. I could go there later and properly allocate the transaction, split it, etc. but NO! I can't do that anymore! I can't create any personal expense categories.

    I joined Wave because I could manage my personal/business transactions on the same platform! It was exactly what I was looking for but I guess now the direction has changed. Too bad.

    As someone TRAINED IN ACCOUNTING Wave is now basically useless to me. I've enjoyed wave for several years now but I'm afraid I'll be preparing to move to something else. Too bad. I recommended wave to so many people. Guess I won't be doing that anymore.

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    Hey @Kirk_onsitehelp . Thanks so much for reaching out and expressing your feelings on this. I totally understand that losing features that were vital to your business is incredibly frustrating.

    Let's see if we can solve some of these issues for you. Can I ask what this specific uncategorized transaction is for? There may be a better way to account for it in the meantime.

    Also, which table did you used to view your transactions through that Wave no longer provides?

    Let me know!

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    Hi everyone. As this thread has been a spot for our users to discuss the many different changes to the new platform, I've attached some threads below that will lead you to specific topics that have come up a lot. This should allow you to equip yourself with better resources surrounding certain issues, instead of having to search through a thread that deals with countless different topics.

    1. Moving transaction between businesses, or between business and personal
    2. Auto-created adjustment entries
    3. Splitting a transaction and adding a negative value

    We'll be closing this thread out in the meantime, so please continue to use the threads listed above or create new ones in Upgraded Accounting Experience to discuss specific issues you're having with the upgrade.

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    After the update two imported bank accounts got classified incorrectly. The one account is under Money in Transit and the other account is Property, Plant, Equipment, both should be Cash and Bank. Neither can be 'edited' or transferred. How did this even happen, how can the system classify an account with a active import connection as PPE? Now I can't create transfers between the two accounts. I read about archiving the account and creating new one, but there are 100s of transactions can all the past transactions be changed to the new account in bulk? Why can't the account type just be changed?

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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Understanding your new & improved chart of accounts.
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    Hey there @hugmin42

    I've merged your inquiry into the migration thread, even though it was specific to your chart of accounts, I find this thread may be a more appropriate spot to answer your question!

    In the previous version of Wave, you had to go to the existing chart of accounts (CoA), choose Add an Account, and choose an existing pre-made account. If you couldn't find exactly what you were looking for, you were able to re-name any existing account. As a result, some users would be forced to choose something that closely matched what they desired, but wasn't the exact account type, or you could choose a random account and simply rename it.

    In order to migrate users, we mapped the accounts in the previous version to the corresponding account and sub-type in the new version of Wave. There was no way for the system to interpret a custom-named account and map it to the new version. So, re-named accounts ended up migrating over as what they were originally intended for in the old account.

    My apologies about this. I understand that it has likely affected your bookkeeping, however, you are able to fix this with a bit of work.

    First, you need to create a new account in the CoA in their preferred sub-type.

    After that, you have three options:

    1. Change the account for all of the impacted transactions. If this is a cash and bank account, this can be done by using the bulk-edit feature on the Transactions page. If you use your filtering tool, the checkboxes beside transactions, and the bulk editor, it will be far less arduous of a task. Note you cannot move certain transactions using the bulk editor tool, for example invoice payments.

    2. Create a JT to move the total from the old account to the new account, and carry forward using the new account.

    3. Delete, and then re-import transactions into the correct account (not ideal, but still a method to start over).

    Once again our sincere apologies that this was an issue in your account during migration into the new version, but hopefully you'll be able to get your account back in good order.

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