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I'm looking for Wave guidance around the following two receipt scenarios. Practically speaking, these seem to me to be relatively common situations, but I haven't been able to find any conclusive guidance on how this can or should be accomplished:

One Transaction, - Multiple Receipts:
For example, you generally get two pieces of paper. The bill showing the items, subtotal, taxes, and total amount due. The payment transaction receipt showign the total amount paid, which may include a tip that is not reflected in the bill. So, the important information is spread across two pieces of paper - where the bill includes an itemized listing, and taxes, and the transaction receipt shows the total amount actually paid inclusive of a tip. Of course, this is a single transaction, for example on a credit card, when imported into Wave, with an amount which reflects that of the payment transaction receipt. But, for completeness, I also want to capture the itemized detail, and more importantly the sales tax amounts.

How is this intended to be handled in Wave?

One Receipt - Multiple Transaction
I also have the inverse scenario, where I have a single invoice or receipt, for the purchase of multiple items. As is often common with online purchasing, when you place an order for something, where not all items can be shipped at the same time, your payment method is charged per item, as each part of the order is shipped. This, from an imported transactions point of view, gets you into the situation where you have multiple transactions in Wave that are all for the same receipt. The receipt amount does not align with any one transaction, rather it's the sum fo the amounts of all the involved transactions.

How is this intended to be handled in Wave?

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,085 admin

    Hi @DaveB .

    One transaction - multiple receipts
    For your first query, because Wave can only take one picture at a time per receipt transaction, you'd be best manually entering in the info for this one. Take a picture with both receipts in the photo, and manually enter in the receipt details. The itemized details can be added to the accounting transaction notes afterwards when the transaction is posted to accounting.

    One receipt - multiple transactions
    Because Wave reconciles on a transactional basis, you would actually want to keep this as one transaction. You would add the receipt as necessary, and then when the transaction is posted to accounting, you can split up the purchase into different amounts, adding notes to the transaction as necessary.

    Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

  • DaveBDaveB Member Posts: 16

    @AlexL Thanks for the reply!

    Understood on scenario 1 - capture everything in a single receipts photo.

    On scenario 2, I think I'm missing something.

    1. Add the receipt to Wave, and post it to accounting. Let's say it's for 3 items with a total cost of $100.
    2. 3 transactions are eventually imported from my bank for $30/$30/$40. The imported transactions may all have different dates, and may even span statement start/end dates such that they don't all occur in the same reconciliation period.
    3. I think you're suggesting that I split the posted receipt transaction into $30/$30/$ I then able to merge the split receipt transactions with the bank imported transactions? I didn't think that would be possible due to date mismatches between the receipts posted transaction and the bank imported ones. This is the part where I'm missing something.

    Would you please clarify your guidance a bit for me?


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    @DaveB Thanks for further explaining the second scenario. Typically, the way that @ALexL was explaining would be the best possible way. Considering your additional details, you are correct in saying that you are unable to merge a transaction into one that has been split into multiple parts. The main reason for this is because the receipt uploader was made with cash purchases specifically in mind or cases where the receipt has multiple items that require categorization on an item level.

    In this case, you may actually be better served to not upload the receipt into Wave. What you could do, is rely upon the bank imported transaction and store the online receipt on a cloud storage device (such as DropBox). In the transaction notes, you can then leave the link to the uploaded image. I acknowledge that this is not ideal, but for the short term this would be the best way to handle this type of transaction. I do know that the Accounting Product Team is looking to add more features and improve the transactions page throughout 2020, so I'll be sure to flag this sort of scenario for them for their consideration.

  • DaveBDaveB Member Posts: 16

    Thanks @JordanD,

    I would lie to propose the following features for consideration:

    1. Allow multi-image/multi-page receipts, when capturing a receipt.
    2. The ability to associate a receipt (or receipt transaction) with more than one imported bank transaction. This could be a new alternative option to posting a receipt as a transaction.
  • BITSBITS Member Posts: 2

    I would also like to back or propose that same feature.

    Have the ability to select multiple transactions merged into 1 transaction. Programmers could have validation that says something like "transactions do not equal each other"

    Amazon likes to charge multiple payments to 1 receipt which creates this problem. I have 1 receipt and like 3 transactions posted to my bank. For tax purposes, I NEED to have the receipts. Suggesting to put the invoice in DropBox is a bad solution. I could just keep it on my computer.

    Wave simply needs to deal with Receipts better.

    What I will do is delete the bank transactions and split my reciept transaction, but doing this for many many many reciepts is alot of manual work. Please fix...

  • jopedderjopedder Member Posts: 5

    I'd like to add my plus one to this. I have a complicated set of amazon and ebay orders, some of which were also returned and refunded. I though it would be best to do things properly and uploaded my bank statement into Wave to help sort it out. Unfortunately it has made it more difficult, not easier as I can't associate one receipt with multiple transactions. thanks!

  • kennyCKPLkennyCKPL Member Posts: 2

    Hi there,
    Please add the possibility to add more than 1 page. My receipts are often more than one page long. PLEASE!!!
    If a Wave database can carry only one attachment per record, a photo combine/merge feature can be used and add to the receipt app. Thank you for your consideration.

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