How to resume transaction imports on our new bank connection update

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imageHow to resume transaction imports on our new bank connection update

Wave has partnered with a new bank data provider to update and improve your transaction import experience. This update increases connection stability and transaction update frequency and improves o...

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  • vronpvronp Member Posts: 8

    This is horribly broken for me now. I received the email requesting permissions and when I followed the link, it presented me with the name of a bank I have never heard of (Hantz Bank). Also, my bank has multiple logins (personal, business, etc). When searching for my bank, I can only find a single login which seems to be for personal accounts only. So, I'm completely "down" at this point.

  • KevinSKevinS Member Posts: 6

    As per email notification that transaction imports had been paused, I've reconnected my bank (TD Canada Trust) and followed instructions to resume transactions be imported into Wave but now not all my accounts are appearing as being available. As there appears to be broad issues with the new service provider, can an update on status be provided?

  • VikTH0RVikTH0R Member Posts: 21

    Can some of Developers team explain the logic. Why Banking accounts Balance status disappear from Dashboard? what the point? Where is the "improvement"?
    Why I have to go to Banking/Connected Accounts to see ACCOUNTS status Balance?
    Also I am lost how often WAVE will REFRESH?

  • ImpiraniImpirani Member Posts: 12

    Banking balance is now missing for me from the dashboard after I executed the instructions for the connection enhancement (email) Please resolve this quickly

  • MEFinamoreMEFinamore Member Posts: 6

    VENMO no longer an option?

  • TVNBookkeeperTVNBookkeeper Member Posts: 1

    When trying to resume connection, I was presented with the option to be texted a verification code to enter... Hours later, I have not yet received any verification code. I tried again with the option to call me, I never received a call. How will this be resolved? Who can I speak with?

  • uridonnuridonn Member Posts: 1

    Trying to resume connection but its saying the connection is paused to a bank I've never heard of. So I can't resume transactions to my own bank.

  • lluisitulluisitu Member Posts: 1

    How can you roll out a functionality that will leave many users without a systematic solution due to lack of many banks support? Mind blowing.

  • tekfranztekfranz Member Posts: 23

    I wish to check if my financial institution is supported before the change. Is there a place I can look up my Financial Institution and see if they are compatible?

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hi @vronp . There are definitely some banks which are not completely supported by our new data aggregator. They're always working on adding new ones, so check back to see if yours has been added.

    Hi @KevinS . Which accounts are you missing? Have you checked to see if there's another connections specific to accounts that you're missing?

    @VikTH0R @Impirani The balance has disappeared as the connection to the dashboard hasn't yet been made. We'll be working on it in the future, but at the moment you can click on Banking > Connected Accounts to see it.

    Hi @MEFinamore . No more Venmo connection I'm afraid. You can upload these statements into Wave using Wave Connect moving forward.

    Hey @TVNBookkeeper . Which browser are you using and who do you bank with? If you're not already, can you try connecting through Chrome, and then Incognito Mode if Chrome doesn't work?

    @uridonn . Can you try searching for the bank that you use and connecting to them?

    @tekfranz I'm afraid there's no way to check if your financial institution connected before the move as you don't have access to that aggregator anymore.

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  • KevinSKevinS Member Posts: 6
    @AlexL - I’m missing my savings account with TD Canada Trust. I submitted a support ticket but they just responded that the account probably isn’t supported by your new data aggregator but that doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t ensure support for one of the largest banks. You suggest there may be other ways to connect to the missing account - how can I do that? There doesn’t appear to be any other options on the Connect page. It is also quite inconsistent to timing of downloading transactions with no way to trigger manually. It definitely appears that the switch was made without proper testing to ensure it’s working properly. Any update would be appreciated.
  • VikTH0RVikTH0R Member Posts: 21

    @AlexL said:
    @VikTH0R @Impirani The balance has disappeared as the connection to the dashboard hasn't yet been made. We'll be working on it in the future, but at the moment you can click on Banking > Connected Accounts to see it.

    With all my respect to WAVE it look like never will fixed. I saw the topic about this issue from beginning of 2019, WAVE didn't fix yet and make upgrade to customers (in December my account ) and I am not understand why. We are almost in 2020. Is any ETR?
    Same situation with Show Audit Seles Tax Report. No ETR.
    0 respect to customers.

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  • MEFinamoreMEFinamore Member Posts: 6

    thanks, Alex~ Wave connect isn't looking like a great option right now, but i'll research it further. it's pretty popular in my area.. i just finally had to start taking it for the convenience of my customers.

  • KevinSKevinS Member Posts: 6

    +1 to include the manual import transactions. I agree with @MartinK that this is a vital feature.

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    @KevinS , if you've looked for TD Savings and can't find it, it's definitely possible it's not supported. As we do use a third party data aggregator, I'm afraid we don't get to choose which banks they can or cannot support. They're always adding new banks and accounts as they expand, so if you don't have it available to you now, there's a good chance you will in the near future.

    @VikTH0R we're slowly building out the features for this connection, although our priority here is moving our users over to it. Once this is done, it'll be a lot easier to apply the appropriate resources to building out the features for this connection.

    @MEFinamore I appreciate your honesty here.

    @MartinK A manual refresh button would definitely give users the ability they need to pull in transactions more often. I'll happily pass this along to the team, and as I said to @VikTH0R above, more features will be added when we've moved all of our users over to this connection.

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  • YuriYuri Member Posts: 3

    Folks at Wave, the major issue with the new banking setup is the security questions. Bank locks up soon after initial setup. Somehow the service you are using to connect to banks is assuming there is only one security question on the connection. This is patently wrong. It leads to bank suspending the access to both Wave and customer on the very next run of the import. There is usually three or more security questions being required by banks. Other vendors let you specify all answers at once during the setup so your bank account won't lock up. I had to unlock my bank accounts multiple times until import service was finally set up with all proper answers. There is a very simple solution to this, and it was proposed here already - add back the manual import start (at least during setup phase), so that bank will ask the next question. Repeat till all questions are answered and remembered.

  • tekfranztekfranz Member Posts: 23

    I have not received a migration email yet and everything is working except for a small blip with one bank. Is it possible I am already migrated to the new integrator or is it still being rolled out. If so when could I expect to be migrated?

  • CellcCellc Member Posts: 4

    My bank was originally supported and still is. The only issue is my bank has multiple log ins (personal and business). I can find my bank but it only allows me to use the personal one and not the business. Is this in error, am I doing something wrong, or are the business checking accounts no longer supported?

  • memememe Member Posts: 2

    I have the exact same issue. For the bank Union Bank & Trust, the only option is to log in under personal, Not business. ... I hope a member of Wave can solve this ASAP, especially since I'm trying to prepare for taxes.

  • bootz42bootz42 Member Posts: 3

    Just read through the comments and here is where I am at the moment.
    you used to have a live chat that was one of the best customer service experiences on any website and now its gone? that is an unfortunate decision smh

    1) haven't had an update since dec 5th this is not o.k. for my business that's a whole month.
    2) no manual option to import new transactions? or is it hidden somewhere? from the comments above it sounds like it is another option that used to be and was taken away. again another unfortunate decision

    3) I don't remember receiving an email about switching over or are we automatically being switched over?

  • ImpiraniImpirani Member Posts: 12

    @AlexL the new banking connection API is quite slow in updating balances from my financial institution. The transactions in my bank account from 36 hours ago are still not showing up in Wave and inability to manually refresh my connection leaves me with outdated information. Is this currently being investigated by the Wave team? Please help

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  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    @tekfranz . We still have a group of users to move over to our new data aggregator, although we do send you an email before moving you. After taking a deeper look into your account, it looks like you're not on our new aggregator.

    @Cellc It's definitely possible that the new aggregator doesn't support all connections. Who are you banking with?

    @meme Until our data aggregator adds the appropriate bank connection, please feel free to get your transactions into Wave by using our Google Sheets integration called Wave Connect .

    @bootz42 Live chat is still available to the users of any of our paid products. You can always submit a ticket through our support centre as well if you're having a specific issue. If you haven't seen your transactions imported in that many days, I'd highly recommend that you reach out through a ticket so one of our agents can help troubleshoot the issue for you. Lastly, it looks like you've always been on our newer aggregator, so you wouldn't have received an email letting you know that we're moving you over.

    @Impirani I'm afraid that each connection works differently based on the bank that it's connected to., and there's no way to standardize this across all bank connections.

  • bootz42bootz42 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the guidance. I will look into getting a paid account the chat was so helpful when I first started using wave.
    My bank is u.w. credit union and I haven't checked today yet to see if it updated. Been in bed all day feeling shitty.

    My bank did say I can get statement downloaded in CSV, Text, QIF, and OFX.

    Maybe I should try that route if the auto upload doesn't work?
  • CellcCellc Member Posts: 4
    @AlexL i bank with peoples bank. Website is
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  • dmbirgydmbirgy Member Posts: 2

    Yesterday my banking connection worked and now today it doesn't. I was not notified of any change and here it is tax time. When I try to add my bank, its not there and will need to upload a statement. If this isn't solved, I guess it's time for me to try a different carrier. I don't want a system where I need to upload my statements each month. I like to keep on top of things.

  • bookkeepinghellbookkeepinghell Member Posts: 2

    When setting up a new connection for my line of credit, it's not displaying my line of credit accounts, so I am unable to select the account that I want the transactions to import into - it will only allow me to create a new account. As I already have data in the account, I don't want to create a new one ... I want to import the transactions into the existing account! Frustrating!!!

    I've now gone from having 5 bank connections (some with multiple accounts) successfully working to just one bank connection that works.

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  • phikphik Member Posts: 8

    Breaking things that used to work and deploying half-baked features are pretty par for the course with Wave, I'm afraid.

  • Revival_RenovationsRevival_Renovations Member Posts: 4

    I have an unmatched connection. I follow the instructions, it finds the bank, it connects the bank...but then cannot import (or connect, I suppose) into the proper account in Wave (the only choice it gives me is an unused PayPal account I never use).

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