Bill Purchase doesn't have option to add Asset?



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    @Alexia said:
    Hi, @Adeel.

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, we're aware of this issue and are working on resolving it. Accounts that have been created under Property, Plants and Equipment don't show up as categories for line items for Bills.

    You can create an account under a different asset category (say, Other Long-Term Asset), and then change it to Property, Plants and Equipment, and it will show up just fine. You could also handle this through journal entries instead of bills until this is fixed.

    This doesnt work either

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    Hi all Wavers,
    Try this
    On pg. 74 of this document bellow, you will find how to properly purchase and track inventory. This will give you a better idea of what you should be doing instead of using Bills in Wave. Fearless Accounting with Wave
    Now it works in that way, I did it, by choosing 3rd option and adding journal transaction to reduce CoGS.
    I got this info from support team. .
    Good luck

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    @Des said:
    @Alexia, I'm facing the same problem as above. Short-Term Asset account used to appear on drop down list. Now it refuses to show up for new bills. Old bills are fine. Creating new Short-Term Asset or Long-Term Asset account types doesn't work either.

    Just checked. It's working now.

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    @Andriy thanks. Never seen that document and its very useful. The solutions offered are a workaround that I've adopted but for me, none work as well what Wave offered before. It made my bank recons much easier as sometimes I pay down my asset bills in more than one payment and Wave kept all that info for me. Needless, your advice has allowed me to move forward

  • AndriyAndriy Member Posts: 6

    @VichayaC you are most welcome. I'm glad to be helpful.

  • DEnisODEnisO Member Posts: 6

    THE turnaround by creating in another categorie and move it after doesn't work anymore
    I just created another company and not able to transfer it
    It was working previously.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @DEnisO Just to confirm -- are you referring to move a transaction from business to the other? This functionality is not available in our latest software update. With enough feedback (which we already have quite a bit of) we might look into bringing this feature back, but still no timetable on it's availability.

  • DEnisODEnisO Member Posts: 6

    The problem I have regarding asset is when I try to add a product, asset account does,t show up in expense account drop list.

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    I am having this problem as well. I really hope this gets fixed asap.

  • Katie_WaveKatie_Wave Administrator, Moderator Posts: 24 admin

    @DEnisO @bsmith5791 You're able to use asset accounts in the following sub-categories for line-items on Bills: Receivables, Inventory, Other Short-Term Assets, and Other Long-Term Assets. For now, you'll need to create accounts in these categories if you'll be using them on Bills.

    As noted by my colleagues and other community members, Property, Plant, & Equipment isn't currently available here, but it's a known issue that we're working on. I don't have an ETA for when we'll have this updated however, so I'd encourage you to use the other account options for now.

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    Add me to the list of people having this issue. I cannot bind a bill to an asset under the Property, Plant & Equipment category.

    FYI; My use case in this scenario is a bill that is posting for rock/gravel that is used as a farm property improvement.

    My workaround will be to move the improvements account out of the Property, Plant & Equipment category to the Long-Term Assets category. However, this presents an even larger issue, as all farm equipment (tractors, implements, etc) are under the Property, Plant & Equipment category with quite a few transactional records already -- so adding any improvements to those assets will not be able to be properly tracked in Wave.

    Please escalate this bug for development resources; it has been outstanding for over a year and is quite impactful; whilst the resolution is likely less than 5-minutes for one engineer to include the other category ID in the query for those dropdowns.

  • AlbaPropertyCareAlbaPropertyCare Member Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem and wasting a vast amount of time searching for an answer. I moved my vehicle purchase account as instructed above but I can't even get the long term/ short term category to show. It only gives me Asset- Accounts Receivable. To see that this issue has been going on for so long leaves me questioning whether i made the right choice in software! I desperately need this to work. Please can you provide timelines for a fix? If not, I must consider changing as i am a new business and do not have the time to spend on software that doesn't work.

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    Hey @AlbaPropertyCare . Katie's answer above is still the best way to handle this at the moment. > @Katie_Wave said:

    You're able to use asset accounts in the following sub-categories for line-items on Bills: Receivables, Inventory, Other Short-Term Assets, and Other Long-Term Assets. For now, you'll need to create accounts in these categories if you'll be using them on Bills.

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    This issue is also impacting me. It's clearly pushing customers away. Please escalate its priority with the development team. It doesn't seem like it should be a big issue to fix.

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone! We've fixed the issue associated with the Property, Plants & Equipment account so that you can now associate it when creating a Bill.

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    Please provide a link to demostrate the fix. I can still only select Expenses and COGS when raising products in the "Buy"category

  • beancounterbeancounter Member Posts: 10

    Further to my post on 25th April...
    I have now found that it is NOT POSSIBLE to link a Product to an asset account if raising the Product from the Sales menu but IT IS POSSIBLE to do this if you raise the Product while in the Bill process
    This is an acceptable solution as long as Wave users are aware of this

  • Kristian_GKristian_G Member Posts: 56 admin

    Hey @beancounter,

    Glad to hear you were able to find a solution here, and really appreciate the fact that you made the extra effort to come back and make a post about it for everyone else to see :smile:

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