Changing Invoice due date

warpywarpy Member Posts: 1

Hi, The invoices are set up in Wave to request payment on receipt, or 15 days and other days options. I would like to offer my clients a seven day payment cycle at which time I will chase the accounts. The invoice presently says 15 days due and I have added at the bottom of the invoice 7 days payment request. Can I change the "payment on receipt" or due days to something other than those on Wave Invoice template? Or another option is to delete the payment due box entirely. Are there facilities to do that? Also is there a way to format invoices I.e. bold fonts etc?


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @warpy! Thanks for reaching out! Currently there isn't a way to edit the 'payment due' date in Wave, although this has been requested before so it is something that is on the radar for future feature updates. Every business is different, so having a customizable option would be handy. At this stage, the box can't be delete either. The best bet is to do what you are already doing, and write your payment terms in the 'notes' or 'footer' section of your invoice. As far as invoice formatting, there isn't an option to bold font. You can edit your invoice settings through: Settings > Invoice Customization, but the options are limited.

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