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So this may sound silly but...if I have my bank connected and it imports the transactions into Wave do I have to put in the utility bill under purchases (?), pay it (bank payment) and then when it is imported just mark reviewed?


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    You typically will not have to do that. The bill function is meant to keep track of vendors that you owe. Wave automatically post bills as an expense. When you pay the bill you match it against the bill created. For other type of operating expenses utilities, phone, office you typically just categorize the amount from the bank statement.

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    How can I send a bill to a vendor using waveapps?
    I am new to wave apps, I have created a bill to be emailed to a vendor. But could not find any feature option to use to email this bill to my vendor. Any advise is highly appreciated.

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    Hey @MyDisPenSer! Thanks for reaching out. I've merged your post with a similar one here. As @Mikeg mentioned above, the Bills function in Wave is meant to track vendors that you owe. Say you were invoiced for supplies, but do not have to pay this right away you would create a Bill in Wave to recognize the liability in your books. This is why you will not see a function to email bills. You can read more about bills in Wave by clicking here. You could create an invoice in your account instead? You can email these easily!

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