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I'm starting from scratch. I have .csv file of customers with numeric ID. I have another .csv file of invoices, each with a customer ID to identify who is being invoiced. (These are exported from another system.)

How do I get them into wave? Import customers doesn't have an ID in the template and Wave Connect import invoices doesn't tell me about how it will link the invoices to customers.

How do I get this data into wave so I can get started?



  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 421 admin

    Hi @david_booth! Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Wave! If you import your customers first and use the 'Input Sheet' in Wave Connect, you will see there is a column for 'Account Number'. You could try entering the customer IDs in this column (you can copy/paste the data into this sheet). It looks like this:
    Then, when you upload invoices using Wave Connect, if you use the input sheet you can choose to identify customers by 'Unique customer account number'. This should connect the invoice with a particular customer:

    You can click here to view the Wave Connect guide!

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