How do you activate the Dashboard - Keeps showing Welcome! where do you want to start?

ysamuelsmithysamuelsmith Member Posts: 1

For a reason I can't understand, in one of my business in Wave I can,t access the dashboard. It's still showing me a welcome screen. How do I get rid of that. I already started doing invoices, connected my bank accounts and enrolled in Payments processing...


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 501 admin

    Hey @ysamuelsmith and welcome to the Wave Community Forum! The 3 tile screen that you are seeing typically is visible when you have not yet done an action in Wave. Before you can see your dashboard, you will need to either complete an invoice, start your bookkeeping, or register for payroll. Once you complete one of these steps, you will then have information that can be included on your dashboard.

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