Tracking sales by product or service

tylerturtletylerturtle Member Posts: 2

Is there a way to track a specific product or service, beyond the general income account they're categorized in? For example, I rent various different products to my customers and each one of those products is categorized into my "Rental Income" income account. I want to be able to see specifically how much income rental product A has generated vs. rental product B, etc. The closed I can get to that kind of detail now is just to see all of my "Rental Income" in an Account Transaction report.


  • MikegMikeg Member Posts: 865 ✭✭✭

    You would have to be able to categorize your deposits by Rental income type. If you are able to do that, then setting up a Rental Income - Item A, Rental Income - Item B in the chart of accounts under sales will be able to provide a rental income by item.

  • tylerturtletylerturtle Member Posts: 2

    Thanks @Mikeg. I suppose that could be a way to do it. It doesn't necessarily makes sense to me to give each rental item it's own income account. If that were the case I'd have to have dozens of rental income accounts, each with only one product in them.

    I think it should be easy enough for Wave to give the option to see how different products or services are performing within the same income account.

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    No problem. Currently Wave cannot do project accounting, which is what you are looking for. It sounds simple on the front end but not so simple to execute on the programming side.

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    Hey @tylerturtle and thanks @Mikeg :) To add on to what Mike was explaining, the conversation about Project Accounting, specifically adding features like tags and classes, is ongoing in this thread:

    Feel free to take a look and at to that discussion there if you wish! Our Product Team looks through the Community frequently and having all similar discussions in one place allows them to collect all perspectives when future planning the roadmap! :)

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