Adding a contract to an estimate

SteveTmusicSteveTmusic Member Posts: 1

Hi all, A new user here. I’ve been able to sent invoices successfully but wanted to know if it was possible to send out a contract (pdf or other) at the same time as sending either an invoice or, preferably, an estimate.

Loving all the other features so far.




  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @SteveTmusic! Thanks for joining up, nice to have you aboard! Best bet here, I'd say, would be to send using your Gmail account, by navigating to Sales > Estimates, and clicking the date on the estimate you'd like to attach your contract to. Clicking 'Send' at the top of the screen will allow you to send using Gmail, which will pull up a window in which you can attach that PDF contract in!

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