Recoverable vs Non-Recoverable Taxes

ramonagoldman9ramonagoldman9 Member Posts: 2

Hi I am new to Wave, please delete if not allowed. I am trying to decide if I should select Recoverable or Non-Recoverable for my sales tax. That would be for retail products. I am just not sure which option I should choose, or where I should look to determine the answer. Thanks for your help!


  • MicroEMicroE Member Posts: 12

    @ramonagoldman9 That's not up to you, it depends on your tax administration. If you do some research on whether or not the specific taxes where you live are recoverable, you should be able to find that out. If you can't, it's never a bad idea to chat with an accountant.

  • ramonagoldman9ramonagoldman9 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you, Edgar Microni! Appreciate your help

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