Receipts app not working on my account

am1980am1980 Member Posts: 2

I've been using the receipts app as usual this past 2 months and noticed that nothing from the app has been sent to the account, and they're all missing. This has also happened on another IOS device, the only things that register are emails sent to the database, not the IOS photos. Any ideas if a) I can get them back, as they were photographed and sent to the database but the database is just showing empty images with no data. b) how do I solve this for the future, as all the receipts have been thrown away now causing no end of potential issues. Thank you.


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @am1980! Thanks for reaching out! When you log into the app and try to capture a receipt image and send it, does it look like it is working? Or, do you view any errors? We can take a look to see if any of these images are stored on the back end here. There are a few scenarios that would trigger failed uploads. These include:

    • uploading more than 10 receipts at the same time
    • exiting the app before the receipts are finished processing
    • logging out of the app before processing is complete
    • changing your login details before processing is complete

    When was the last time you attempted an upload on your phone and did all the images fail?

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