Why is this not being done????

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I use a web site builder and a credit card processor and Wave for my accounting.
I can print a shipping label from my web site to ship an order, I can also get wave to import my credit card data to categorize charges, why can I not get an invoice to appear in Wave when I make a sale?
How the heck do I get these three organizations to talk together so I do not have to copy and paste information to an invoice? What year is this?
It seems organization congregation is still something of a lost cause and it is almost 2020.



  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey again @Jamr

    Just to clarify, though our system has a bit more of a simple layout, it is designed for small business owners who need a simple user friendly software to keep their books in order. Our accounting software has brought a lot of users in 2019 a lot of success with their business accounting needs. I apologize that these changes haven't been implemented to best suit your business needs, as our team looks to prioritize what is best for all of our users.

    I do of course appreciate your feedback in the community. We take peoples feature ideas into consideration as our product team continues to scan the community for ideas.

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