New Account Transactions report doesn't show Invoice number

harrisandreaharrisandrea Member Posts: 7

When I go to Reports > Account Transactions (General Ledger), I select an account to export its transactions but on the description for invoice payments it shows only "Invoice Payment" without its number.

In the past (before October) the same report used to show "Payment for Invoice #167" for example (it had the number of the invoice as well).

How can I get the Invoice number shown in the Account Transactions report?

Thanks a lot


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,940 admin

    Hey @harrisandrea . When you apply a payment to an invoice manually, it automatically creates a transaction which shows up as Invoice Payment, which is what you're seeing in your reports.

    Are you able to send me some screenshots of what you were seeing previous to October so we can take a further look

  • harrisandreaharrisandrea Member Posts: 7

    Hi Alex, I'm attaching a screenshot of Sept. where the report was showing the Invoice number.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,940 admin

    @harrisandrea I took a deeper look into your account and it looks like you were moved to our newer accounting platform around this time. The change in descriptions looks like a result of the version upgrade, which means that we're unable to change it back. I will gladly run this by our team though so they know we have a user reaching out and proposing the idea to switch it back.

  • harrisandreaharrisandrea Member Posts: 7

    Thanks a lot @AlexL , appreciated your help.

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