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wave team , need some tech support here . i think there is a issue with this report - account transactions (general ledger) report . 15 days back when i exported a report the "description" column gave a good amount of data ( the customer name - invoice number -item ) . this was a very useful feature . in fact this was one reason why i decided on waveapp :) but today when i tried the export , i dont get to see those details . the description column shows one blunt "invoice payment" as description. i tried changing the report type from accrual to cash & cash equivalents , to see if it makes any difference. no change the same "invoice payment". i have attatched both the reports : the report with full details and the latest one with only invoice payment. pls restore the previous report asap


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    Hey @madhuri, thanks for reaching out. In regards to the screenshots you attached, I can't see those here, would you be able to re-send what you are seeing when you export the incorrect looking report? Can you also ensure that you are using an up to date Chrome browser and clear your caches & cookies and attempt to export the report again?

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    @Zoe_caff strange u didnt get them ... they are not screen shots they are proper reports generated from wave app. note i am able to download both the files i have sent earlier as reference. lets try another method of sharing the files .n . please suggest alternate ways to share these files with you- email or something .

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    @Zoe_caff pls chk this . have attacthed the excel files again. pls study the description columns in both the reports . you can see the difference .
    Also i dont think it has anything to do with browser or browsing history . the same report when checked for liability accounts is able to give data . this is happening particularly with accounts listed under ASSETS in chart of accounts

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    @Zoe_caff here is the report of another account . this is a account listed under "income" in chart of accounts . here in this report, the description coloumn shows all the data as before . it seems the problem is only with ASSET accounts.

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    hi @Zoe_caff , any updates on this issue.

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    Hey there @madhuri

    I have a feeling the issue might be that there are two types of data downloads in Wave.

    1) You can get a data export right from your account transactions report at the top right. This gives you a bit less information, but it's all of the info that one might find in the account transactions report.

    2) You can also get a data export by heading to Settings (bottom left) > Data export. If you export all of your transactions as a CSV, you will get a zip file sent to your email. Once you unzip this folder it downloads 5 different file types in .csv format. The invoice files will show you a lot more information here, same with the transactions etc etc.

    Do you have a screenshot of the export you downloaded 15 days ago and can you confirm that had more information on it? Let us know!

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    @Barsin find attached a file i had exported from the data export from account transactions report at the top right. this report was for account called "credit card reports" that i had exported in march 2019. you can see in this report the description column gives details of customer - invoice number- product

    1. The data export from settings - invoice files - gives all details but doesnt show if it was paid and what was the payment method ( cash, card , bank transfers etc) . to get the payment information i will need to refer to another file from those 5 files (called Payments). So there is no single report that can provide complete information. To get a simple information -" how much money did my business make today and who were the customers " i will need to check in two different reports and match them based on invoice numbers . Wont it be good to find this information in one report / one screen. The account transactions (general ledger) report did have much of this information previously . the report i have attached below shows the information

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    Hey @madhuri . The reason you have seen discrepancies in the reports is based on the account you're generating for. When you generate your Summer Camp Sales account in the Account Transactions Report, this is an income account that houses income based on a Product level. Because the product itself is the one which dictates the income, this is why it shows up as such (the customer name - invoice number -item), as it's referring to the SPECIFIC product in the invoice where this income was gained.

    When you filter for an asset account like Cash on Hand (as seen in your comparative report above), you'll see the Invoice PAYMENT, as the balance of this account is made up of the payment of the invoice itself.

    Although the Account Transactions Report is a single report, the account that you're generating for does dictate what is seen in Wave, which is why you're seeing differences.

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    @alexlewiszarkos hi.. yes alex i agree that right now description in detail is available only for income accounts and not asset accounts .
    It was not the same case in march 2019 and may 2019.
    pls refer to the picture i posted .
    the report is for a account called "credit card receipts" this is an asset account like the "cash in hand" account . note the description column namely " ronit -15- group elite montly " . here, ronit is the customer name - 15 is the invoice number - and group elite monthly is the product . i had taken this report at the end of march 2019 .

    if i take a report for the same asset account "credit card receipts" now - i dont finding these kind of details in description column now .

    I am trying to highlight the fact, that the report gave all details in march month , (infact even in may month ) but by beginning of june this information in description change to invoice payment . if the details were available in march and may months why not now , is my question.

    Am sure that details were available in this report ,even in May month , because that is how i trained my staff to check for the payments received for a particular day and for which customer and the item/product the payment is for . ( all of it in one account ledger screen) . very useful and simple way

    This is important for me , since i cannot find any other report or screen where i can check all these details at one shot ! ( customer name , product, invoice number , amount ,mode of payment , date of payment)
    attachments: pls find below a picture of my chart of accounts . note here the credit card receipts account is also an asset account

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    @madhuri I'm not sure I'm entirely grasping the issue but I'm wondering why you have Credit Card Receipts as an asset account? Credit card accounts would be liability accounts and already paid for purchases would be expense accounts. Unless the account designations are correct, I'm not sure Wave will produce the kind of reports you're looking for.

    You also mentioned that you would like a report where you can see customer name, product, invoice number, amount, mode of payment, date of payment. While this information would not be consolidated in the Reports section, you would see all this information in Sales > Invoices. Within the list of invoices, you can organize by customer name and see all the information you mentioned above.

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    By the way I have just stumbled on this problem here. I have exactly the same issue. The General Ledger report does not show the Invoice number as used to show in the past. For example, in the past the report showed "Payment for Invoice #45" for example. Now, the same report shows "Invoice Payment" and nothing else.

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    @harrisandrea i found a way out of my problem . may be it will be of some use to you . try the integration called waveconnect . this can download invoices (in a report format) and their payment status and all other payment information too. it gave me all the info i needed.

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    @madhuri Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I'll try that today.

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    @AlexL hit the nail on the head with the explanation of the behavior. However, I was annoyed that under the income accounts, the description of the service/product is attached to the entry instead of the actual name of the product/service. I had short names and lengthy descriptions at first which made my general ledger pretty ugly to look at with all that extra jumble. So I went back in and renamed my products with short descriptions, since I couldn't find an alternate way around this. Then, I realized the plain "invoice payment" label in my accounts receivable. These irritations are what let me to do a search and land here.

    Like @harrisandrea wrote, having the INVOICE PAYMENT with the addition of either invoice number or Client/Customer would be a great help when looking at the general ledger under asset accounts.

    For example, under Accounts Receivable in my general ledger, I can see an invoice listed with who it was billed to on one line, but then on another line for a payment that I assigned to that invoice it simply says "invoice payment" with nothing else. With multiple invoices and multiple payments of various amounts, it sure would be great to be able to see how they match up in the general ledger with just a little more labeling. I was a little shocked at this, since it would seem to be a basic connection to make.

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