Changes to bank connection availability outside of the US and Canada



  • barrytbarryt Member Posts: 31

    So, I've had a quick look around Slickpie and Akounting. For me and my use cases, Wave stays functionally superior. What you get for free (Akounting needs paid plugins for journals, balance sheet etc) (SlickPie's cash reporting seems to be absent) especially receipt scanning made me think if there was another way to overcome the problem of getting bank transactions from different accounts easily to load into Wave.
    So, I checked out which offers a free service to consolidate your bank accounts. I successfully dumped a single spreadsheet with all bank transactions from different accounts. Now this can be massaged for upload into Wave.
    Not ideal, but sure better than going into each bank and downloading one by one etc.
    Anyone else doing this?
    I think this is better than changing accounting systems and dumping the learning and investment already made in Wave.

    P.S. I am in Australia and tested this on Westpac bank.

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  • NZ_UserNZ_User Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for the notice of the upcoming change, I still love the program, it is free, and I won't have any problem adapting my processes to upload my bank statement for reconciliation and accounting purposes. Thanks again Wave! From a Small business, sole trader and happy customer of Wave, New Zealand :)

  • GumaniGumani Member Posts: 1

    sad to hear that, wave will end up off our countries, i wish there was something i can say to change the decision.
    We were waiting thinking that we will have access to Payroll functionalities like US and Canada, worse to hear you taking away the intergral part of the accounting app. it will be so difficult to upload statements manually

  • DecodeDigitalDecodeDigital Member Posts: 6

    Frankly, automated banking import was one of the major points of us using Wave. I recommended Wave to many people just because of it! Sad to hear the news. Since this feature is going to be removed, I will probably just develop my own invoicing tool and customize to my own needs.

  • TamaraDesignServicesTamaraDesignServices Member Posts: 1

    I don't understand why this would be done. It's one of the most important features. I use it all the time. Why is it happening? I will probably have to find another accounting system as importing manually is just another jib to do.

  • DaveLDaveL Member Posts: 1

    @AlexL Could you please wait till the end of our Financial Tax Year, June 30th, before stopping the service? Using Dec 31st is the worst time as it's across our business' summer leave and right in the in the middle of our Financial Year. I think many people like myself will be turned off by this experience. Regards DL

  • TGhoshTGhosh Member Posts: 2

    I am using wave for this functions only.
    If we can't connect our Bank with Wave then why should we use it anymore?
    Manually upload is not possible; and if we can download statements from Bank AC then we can make our Book of Accounts from there as well.

    Please rethink about your decision or you are going to have a huge loss of customers.

  • avdheshsolankiavdheshsolanki Member Posts: 1

    Please don't do this. That was the most important feature. Will be tough to upload the statement manually.
    Need to switch to other tools.

  • KJalKJal Member Posts: 1

    Nowhere do you explain why you would take this decision. Tell us why? We deserve an explanation.

  • LuckyBhumkarLuckyBhumkar Member Posts: 4

    It was expected as Waveapps no longer maintained by Original developer team, instead it has sold to third party. So, it's a decision of the new owner of Waveapps. Thanks Waveapps for providing such amazing facility (Bank connect) till now. Now it's time to search other alternatives. Difficult though but necessary one.

  • wbanzwbanz Member Posts: 3

    Wave goodbye to Wave users outside North America!

  • MiwixMiwix Member Posts: 4
    This is the most regressive decision I have ever seen.
    Instead of expanding Wave payroll and accounting services to international waters, Wave decides remove itself from the potential clientele it has under its belt.

    Wase, please give me the feature, I can keep the clients happy 😊.

    Ps: Tell if you agree... Ps. Ps. We can even pull together as international clients and have the issue sorted by ourselves.
  • MiwixMiwix Member Posts: 4
    > @AlexL said:
    > @Asilva Bank imports will still be available in US territories moving forward.

    In the famous worlds most famous programming words, "Hello World!"

    The infamous Wave words, "Goodbye World!" 😄 😄 😄
  • Enchanted_PieEnchanted_Pie Member Posts: 3

    I use bank connections to update my books every week here in Australia, so I don't want to wait until a statement is issued to upload it. Plus I find the statement reconciliation function to be difficult and that's pretty much what this sounds like.
    I pay for the Invoicing feature on Wave. So if you're going to take this away I might as well go somewhere else. Please let us know.

  • Enchanted_PieEnchanted_Pie Member Posts: 3

    I've created posts in Reddit and Facebook so people can learn about the changes and choose alternatives if they want to.

  • Purple_SnailPurple_Snail Member Posts: 1

    what a joke! I just moved from Xero to Wave 3 weeks ago, finally settled down.
    Now have to pack again and move back to Xero.

  • alex_proalex_pro Member Posts: 1

    This is such a joke! I have a business in Aus and bank feed was one of my favourite features in Wave. One of the very
    few reasons, in fact, why I've stuck around with Wave for a few years now and was recommending it to people, despite the serious lack of various other features, that most competitors have been offering for years now. Without the feed feature, what can Wave even do, that a beat-up Excel spreadsheet can't? If I have to do everything manually, I might as well use Excel, hell it's "free" too.. Time to move to Xero, I guess.. what a shame. Such a stupid move on Wave's part. They are probably gonna lose thousands of users over this "genius" decision.

  • cntshepocntshepo Member Posts: 2

    Stupid. Not too smart

  • ZydiaZydia Member Posts: 1

    Wow this is a deal breaker, and a massive inconvenience. I hope this gets sorted otherwise I will have to move my business elsewhere...

  • osadanayoosadanayo Member Posts: 1

    All roads now lead to
    Goodbye Wave...
    Hello Bullet.

  • Robert_SRobert_S Member Posts: 1 is starting to look like a viable alternative. Lets see how this pans out.

  • Donna_R6Donna_R6 Member Posts: 5

    I am leaving... like many... it's only Change

    Alternative FREE accounting software. I have only read reviews on SlickPie

    SlickPie - great reviews
  • KiwiwaverKiwiwaver Member Posts: 1

    New Zealander here - VERY DISAPPOINTED about Wave dropping bank feeds in NZ - I'd just signed up my accountant as an admin, they couldn't believe the value of Wave ... they'd asked me how much I'm paying for this... So you did upgrades - and now killed the bank feeds - what I'm disappointed about is that "Free" seems to always have a price ... sigh. From my customer perspective I feel let down by a company making just another "business decision" that is in the company's interest rather than the customer's interest. Allthewhile "pretending" do be customer focused. Especially the way this was communicated and timed .... Grrrrr...!

  • IzReal_DIIzReal_DI Member Posts: 1

    Well never had access in Trinidad and Tobago anyways....its all good. The application is still amazing. Thanks for all that you guys do! :smile:

  • JohnMG007JohnMG007 Member Posts: 1

    This a massive mistake and failure, businessBUILDERS network has recommended your Product since it first showed up. In little of this reduction in the Product features we will withdraw all further recommendations. Our over 50 million company members world-wide have had a very positive up-take and use it with the Credit Card payment feature. It's a requirement to all Australian and New Zealand clients that having the data automatically loaded. Over 4,000 accounting practices recommend and they are members and we will advise them to look at our MYOB product.

  • PipPip Member Posts: 20

    Thanks for offering solutions along with the bad news. Luckily, I only handle a small community group, so this is not too much trouble, but at the same time, this feature was one reason why I chose Wave.

  • bellesbelles Member Posts: 1

    This is very bad news and a dealbreaker (in Australia).There is nothing wave offers me now that excel doesnt. Why would you do this? Please reconsider. I was very grateful for your system.

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