Exported CSV File, but changes got deleted

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Hi, we exported a CSV file of our financial statements, added some additional tabs, saved and closed the file. When we re-opened the file, the financial statements and other tabs got deleted, except for one (which had our notes to our accounts) - the tab was renamed to the name of the file. We don't know what happened! Could you tell us how we can recover the file that we updated (there are no previous versions or unsaved versions that we can find). Also, why does this happen, and can we avoid it in the future? Thanks!


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    Hey @MAPZW . Very sorry to hear about the trouble you've experienced with the .csv file.

    I'm afraid I'm unable to advise you on what happened with the file as after the info has been exported from Wave, the file is no longer directly associated to the Wave platform. I'm thinking that for some reason the information wasn't saved as it was happening, so when you brought it back up it reverted to an older state?

    I'd recommend maybe re-exporting the file and making any changes that are necessary, even though I know this may take a bit of extra time to accomplish. Make sure you're saving your file as you work through it so nothing is lost.

    Sorry that I can't be of further assistance here!

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    Thanks for your feedback. We were saving the file as we were going, so unfortunately in this case that wasn't the issue. The CSV file that was re-opened did not resemble what we had saved at all - it was not an older version of the file - things had been renamed and the original Wave information in the CSV was not there.

    We are guessing that either something was wrong with the original CSV file that was exported from Wave which causes these issues, or maybe we have a bug reading/saving CSV files on our end.

    In either case, looks like we lost our work and have had to restart :( I guess these things happen...

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