How to show Accounts Receivable

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I have open invoices through another software tool that I use. I want to show an open balance for the amount owed by various customers.

I created an invoice and left it open. It shows in accounts receivable, but also adds the invoice to one income category. I dont want it to show as income as the money has not been received. Wrong thinking?

**How do you properly use AR in Wave, perhaps manually? **Should it show in the P&L if money has not been received?


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,175 admin

    Hey @rkiefer2! Thanks for reaching out about this. As long as that invoice remains open, you'll be able to see this as an accounts receivable within your Dashboard in Wave. In your P&L, it's going to show as profit, as it's expected profit in an accrual-based report. You would not see this in things like your Cash Flow report. Best bet here is just leaving your invoices open and peeking through your reports. If you pop into your Balance Sheet, and click the 'Details' section, under 'Other Assets', you'll see your Accounts Receivable there :)

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