Shipping labels

Kaysjewelry13Kaysjewelry13 Member Posts: 1
Are we able to create and print shipping labels through wave? Or will I have to use a seperate client for that?


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Kaysjewelry13, thanks for reaching out! Great question, but I am afraid that Wave does not offer a feature that allows you to create and print Shipping labels.

  • Adi24Adi24 Member Posts: 1
    An idea, if your customers are already in the wave customer list. Export your customer list to excel. Then in excel use the concatenate feature. To put all the separate line information together. You can then put that into a label template or whatever label style you need.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,773 admin

    HI @Adi24 . Thanks for spreading your knowledge to other users!

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