Receipts not working

SamScarboroughSamScarborough Member Posts: 4

My Receipts (app and desktop) is not pulling the data through. It uploads the receipt, but does not extract the info. Also - the app shows me as "Offline" which I am not. I have logged out and back in - same story.
Any feedback on this issue?



  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hey @SamScarborough! Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with receipts! As a start, can you try some troubleshooting steps to see if that helps to resolve the offline issue?

    • Check to make sure that you have a good connection to cellular data or a WiFi network.
    • Ensure that you've turned on permissions from the settings menu of your device.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device.
    • Restart your device.

    As for extracting the information automatically, in the receipts app go to your settings and make sure 'Capture Details' is toggled 'on'. This allows the app to automatically read and capture details after taking a photo. If these steps do not help to resolve the issue, let us know the version of the app you are using, the type of device you are using, some screenshots of the error you're seeing, and the operating system version. Then we'd be happy to investigate further!

  • SamScarboroughSamScarborough Member Posts: 4

    Amazing - thank you @EmmaP. Toggle was off - thanks for the quick advice!

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