When doing the reconciliation, the credit and debit columns are switched!

ZayCZayC Member Posts: 1

Hi! I have been having some troubles to reconcile my accounts. I just realised that the credit and debit columns have been switched and that's why my reconciliation is so off! Can someone please help me to switch these columns back around again. Thank you!


  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,528 admin

    Hey there @ZayC

    Just curious how you're importing your transactions into Wave? Is it with an automated bank import, or is it through our CSV uploader?

    If you're using the latter, upon uploading you may be asked to to set your columns as debits and credits. Is it possible this was uploaded incorrectly?

    If you using the bank automated imports, your connection may be erroneously importing your transactions into your account. Can you confirm that this is the case in your Accounting > Transactions page.

    Let us know what method you're using to import your transactions!

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