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BossmommaBossmomma Member Posts: 1
Why Am I unable to accept credit card payments?


  • DRLDRL Member Posts: 2

    I think you need to add some more details here... e.g have you gone into settings and turned on payments, or have you gone through the whole process outlined here

  • HannahBananaHannahBanana Member Posts: 1

    I also cannot accept credit card payments. There's not even an option for me to turn it on when creating the invoice. Is it because of my location?

  • AmandaKAmandaK Administrator Posts: 73 admin

    @Bossmomma @DRL @HannahBanana Welcome to the Wave community and @DRL thanks for jumping in to help!

    @Bossmomma @HannahBanana can you clarify what countries you're located in? Hannah, as you guessed, Payments by Wave is currently only available in the following countries:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Switzerland
    • Ireland
    • France
    • Germany

    That being said, if you are in one of the above locations, let us know and we can help troubleshoot with you further.

  • DRLDRL Member Posts: 2

    Hi Amanda,

    I actually have a question... posted this elsewhere but it hasn't been answered yet.

    I've set up Payments for my business in Australia, but I'd like my NZ customers to be able to pay via credit card too. So I've set up a second business in the same account with NZD as the currency, but I can't see the payments option at all.

    Am I only able to access this feature for the country my business is based in or am I missing something else?


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @DRL. It's exactly that, you can only see the payment option through the Stripe integration if the business address matches up with your base currency. You would need to have a NZ address for your business with the NZD in order for that integration to work.

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