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It would be really, really awesome to have the ability to search transactions by dollar amount - not just description. This would help to locate duplicate transactions and speed up the reconciliation process dramatically!

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    Before posting, I did a search on the keyword "filter". Not only did I not find the question I want to ask, but I found something disturbing regarding an upcoming feature rollout.

    I have been using Wave for several years now, and am pretty comfortable with the program. I've learned to live with the very few issues I've discovered, one of which I will document in a SUPPORT forum, rather than new features.

    The bottom line is that I have a need to identify transactions having the same amount. Since there is no current filter for amount, I have to resort to sorting by amount. I now know that the capability to sort by amount is being discontinued, so it's extremely important that a filter by amount is introduced. I cannot use the CTRL+F feature to search my output page for matching amounts, since I may be trying to find transactions which are separated by many months.

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    Hey @JEfromCanada,

    Would you be able to clarify what feature you refer to when you say "Since there is no current filter for amount, I have to resort to sorting by amount. I now know that the capability to sort by amount is being discontinued"?

    There's never been an amount filter within the Transactions page to be discontinued, so I just want to get a better sense of what filter option you're alluding to within Wave. For what it's worth, the newest version of Wave includes an endless scroll page rather than the transaction view of 100 lines at a time, so it may be easier to CTRL+F and search for a wider range of matching amounts once you've adjusted the date ranges in the search bar. I hope that clears a few things up!

  • JEfromCanadaJEfromCanada Member Posts: 10

    I've read in this forum (from people who appear to be beta testers), that the ability to SORT BY AMOUNT is in the process of being DISCONTINUED. So, since there has NEVER been a filter on amount, and it appears you will no longer be able to SORT BY AMOUNT, the only option to find transactions of a specific amount will be to scroll through the entire list.

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    Hey @JEfromCanada, I see what you mean - that sort by amount isn't in our newest platform, and I can see why that would be frustrating. I'm going to pass along the feedback now as a feature request!

  • JEfromCanadaJEfromCanada Member Posts: 10

    If you're talking about new features, I don't want to SORT by amount. I want to FILTER by amount. If you are going to pass on a feature request, I'd prefer it be a useful request. Sorting by amount still requires a great deal of scrolling (or haphazardly guessing which "page" your results are likely to be on). FILTERING by amount will immediately zero in on the transactions I want to find.

  • mistylambmistylamb Member Posts: 1

    The scroll option on the transaction page under accounting is missing. I think I found it once when my mouse might have scroll over a magic stop however it does not stay so I can not scroll past though my transactions. I am using a mac on the latest layout. It does not come up consistently even when a transaction is open in the side? Is anyone else having this issue

  • JEfromCanadaJEfromCanada Member Posts: 10

    Misty, could you please open your own issue separate from mine. I don't want my issue to go off on a tangent. Thank you.

  • BJSBJS Member Posts: 1

    My purchase receipts are downloaded using the Wave app. It is necessary for me to merge the purchase receipt with the bank or credit card transaction. The first step for me in identifying transactions on bank or credit card statements for which I have a receipt used to be sort-by-amount. It was very easy before the program update. I believe this action would be helpful to restore on the Wave update.

  • sabiresufalisabiresufali Member Posts: 3

    Sort by Description, Sort by Amount, Sort by category,
    These are all essential features on the wave platform.
    I simply don't understand why you would remove it.
    Please bring them all back and add on the filter section all the fields below so you can filter by whatever you choose.
    The idea of removing features once rolled out on an application is really bad practice. The ideas of adding on features should be there.
    But if you remove features which thousands of people use in their own way you are bound to have problems.

  • jmatzjmatz Member Posts: 3

    I agree with the OP. But also adding other filters would be extremely useful and would save a lot of time and headaches. Currently, it's possible to filter by Status, Transaction Type, Category, Account, and Date. You could add an "Advanced" pull-out / drop-down menu with filters such as Customer / Supplier, Sales Tax, Transaction Amount, for example.

  • JEfromCanadaJEfromCanada Member Posts: 10

    At the time I started this thread, my account had not yet been updated. Now that it is, I better understand the limitations that the inability to sort or filter on "Amount" will have on my workflow. I agree with the comments @sabiresufali and @jmatz and would really like to see more filters.

  • GrahamBGrahamB Member Posts: 2

    Why on Earth would the "Sort by Amount" option be removed?!? Were the beta testers actually using the system while testing? If you have a load of bank transactions and receipts, which are always a few days apart, it's just obvious that they need to be in order of Amount so that the items that need merging are next to each other.

    Unless we are currently in a stage where a new "merge suggestion" feature is about to be released, negating the need to sort by amount. Even so, I think I'd still like to be able to see transactions ordered by amount.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Member Posts: 452 ✭✭✭

    Hey everyone, we appreciate all of your feedback about the changes that have been made in the new version of Wave. Once everyone is moved over to the newest version (which is really close to being done!), we'll have greater bandwidth for refining the current Transactions page, so this is a good time to share your feedback. Outside of how it affects your workflows for merging transactions, do you all have any other insights that you want to share re: how you've been using the 'sort by amount' function?

  • JEfromCanadaJEfromCanada Member Posts: 10

    I'd be delighted to share. My business uses a "rate card" to determine invoice prices. That means, I generate a great number of transactions that have the same dollar amount. In the past (have yet to witness this behaviour since being upgraded), when ATM transactions appeared in my transaction list, they would OFTEN be mis-filed. Instead of appearing as separate transactions, they would, instead, be listed in the transaction details of EARLIER transactions. So, for example, if I deposited $100.00 on January 15th, I may not see the transaction even two weeks later. By doing a sort by amount, I could find all the $100.00 transactions and "drill down" to see the Detail Lines of the transaction. Invariably, I would eventually find a DIFFERENT transaction (perhaps from several days to several weeks before the January 15th transaction), which would show TWO detail lines. One of those detail lines would correspond to the "correct" transaction (for example, a January 2nd deposit would show a detail line dated January 2nd), but the OTHER detail line would show a date of January 15th - not possible for a transaction that took place on January 2nd. It is this second detail line which I would then have to "detach" from the January 2nd transaction and make into its own transaction... and that would be the one I was searching for.

    Without being able to sort by amount, I would have had to scroll through many more transactions to even identify potential matches.

    Please keep in mind that for my purposes, SORT BY AMOUNT was essential in the older version. With the latest release, a FILTER BY AMOUNT would be even better, since I wouldn't have to wade through pages of the "wrong amount" to finally find the amount I was interested in.

  • MitchellGillespieMitchellGillespie Member Posts: 17 admin

    Hi @JEfromCanada,

    The feedback you provided in combination with the feedback provided by other customers above is very helpful! The accounting team is collecting strong feedback and signal to make improvements on the filters and sorting on our new accounting product. We'll take your response into account with the improvements we make.


  • keepbkkeepbk Member Posts: 17

    Any chance there will be another filter option added to sort transactions by those missing receipts? It becomes very laborious to go through every transaction one by one to see what's missing a receipt. Thanks!

  • ZoeCZoeC Member Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @keepbk! So we currently offer the ability to filter by, Category, Status, Type and Date Range on the transactions page, are you looking for something more than this? I can definitely pass along your feedback to our product team, some really useful information for them would be knowing how much these additional filters would benefit your bookkeeping. Getting as much context and feedback as we can is super helpful for building to or creating new features! Thanks :smile:

  • keepbkkeepbk Member Posts: 17

    Hi @Zoe_caff1, thanks for your response!
    Yes, I'm aware of the current filters. The problem is that there is no visual cue that a transaction has a receipt attached unless you click on it. I add all of my attachments before reconciling an account for the month. I have to constantly go through and click on each transaction to check that a receipt has been attached. So I thought if there were a way to filter transactions by those without receipts attached, that would be great. Either that or some sort of visual indication in the transaction line item itself that shows it has a receipt attached. Thanks!

  • ZoeCZoeC Member Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @keepbk, thanks so much or taking the time to get back to me! I completely understand where you're coming from, and that is a great suggestion. I can definitely pass your feedback along, so thank you for the context! :smile:

  • teegytuftyteegytufty Member Posts: 4

    I noticed I can search transactions only by the description, is there a way to summarize the search by transaction amount

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @teegytufty -- there currently isn't a way to search transactions by amount. This feature has been requested previously, and we still don't have any idea of when this will be available or whether or not this is on a future product roadmap plan. Once we do get a sense of what this might look like in Wave, we will update our users on this.

  • SplashEngineSplashEngine Member Posts: 3

    +1 on sorting/filtering transactions by amount/columns

  • connorconnor Member Posts: 0

    Pretty self explanatory. I would use this feature every day. Im actually kind of surprised its not in from day one

  • jesspazjesspaz Member Posts: 0

    I'm still finding myself increasingly frustrated by the fact that I can't search my transactions by both description and amount. This should be fairly simple to implement. Currently if I want to search by description I have to sort by that field and wade through thousands of transactions across hundreds of pages to do this. Same is true of amounts. This is the one thing that makes me want to switch back to Quickbooks.

    That and the way wave does transaction splits. why does it need to then create two separate line items, this is time consuming and misleading when reconciling my accounts each month.

    Please implement these features!!

  • MerlinAccounts_UKMerlinAccounts_UK Member Posts: 177 ✭✭✭

    Until (or if) the feature is added the easiest work around I would suggest is to export your data to excel where you can easily search for the information you need. Its still a pain having to do this of course but it's got to be infinitely better than trying to visually trawl through transactions.

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Member Posts: 261 ✭✭

    @newbie I understand that being able to search for transactions by dollar amount would be handy. While building this function is not on our immediate product roadmap, we can appreciate the utility of it, especially for reconciliation purposes. Happily, we have upgraded our reconciliation feature. When you go to reconcile your accounts, if anything is unreconciled, the reconciliation page now shows you all your transactions so you can edit your duplicates right there on the spot. Here's an article with more information on the much anticipated transformation:️#latest

  • richkrnrichkrn Member Posts: 9

    +1 and to include filter by customer. To @keepbk's point, a visual indicator on the transaction line would be great too!!

  • elisacicinellielisacicinelli Member Posts: 1

    Much needed!!!

  • rwall88rwall88 Member Posts: 11

    I also want to be able to add Dollar amount to the search filters in the transactions page

  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hey @rwall88! Thanks for your +1 to this feature idea :)

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