Recurring Billing

ShawnMcleanShawnMclean Member Posts: 4

Is there any priority given to recurring billing? Any ETA on this feature? I'm currently down to wave and freshbooks in my evaluation. The only thing holding me back from wave is the recurring billing feature.



  • MyronMyron Member Posts: 143 admin

    Hi @ShawnMclean , welcome to the Wave community! All Wave users can create recurring invoices under Sales > Recurring Invoices to automatically create and/or deliver invoices to customers on a prearranged schedule. Automatic payments for recurring invoices is available to users with an active Payments by Wave. If you are in a Payments by Wave supported country, you will see the option Payments or Credit Card Payments under the Sales tab in the left hand menu.

  • ShawnMcleanShawnMclean Member Posts: 4

    Hi, thanks for your response. I see that option, what I'm looking for is on the expense side. Recurring expenses, wave refers to some expenses as Bills. For eg. a monthly internet bill.

  • MyronMyron Member Posts: 143 admin

    @ShawnMclean , thanks so much for the clarification! I apologize for the misunderstanding. I'm afraid that recurring bills for expenses and purchases is not something that we are currently working on. As an alternative solution, manually duplicating existing bills when needed may serve to meet your needs. To duplicate an existing bill, go to Purchases > Bills and click the downwards arrow button to the right of the desired bill and click Duplicate. Once duplicated, you can edit the duplicated bill to make any necessary changes. I'd love to hear a bit more from you regarding how a recurring bills feature would simplify your workflow. Any comments that you are able to share here will contribute to the bank of use cases that our Product Teams can draw upon when planning out what to build next in Wave.

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  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey @SkirtRack

    Thanks for reaching out about this. Our developers are aware of this feature request and I appreciate the attached image in your last post. We know that Wave has its limitations, but we still strive to reach out and understand the needs of our users. Take care.

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  • ChelseaKChelseaK Member Posts: 261 ✭✭

    @cvtan First of all, congrats on navigating the entrepreneurial world! Welcome :)

    Thank you for weighing in on this and sharing that this would be important for you! The more feature requests we get, the more we prioritize it so thanks for communicating with us on this.

  • mclunepivotmclunepivot Member Posts: 9

    I know there have been other threads on this topic of recurring billing. Many Wavers have asked for this feature, so I will continue to contribute to the need. Every business has recurring expenses whether it be utilities, rent, insurance, phone, internet ordering supplies, inventory. The list could go on. It would be simpler if Wave could automate the creation of the same recurring bill, just like in recurring invoices. Wave is about saving time, so I hope recurring billing is of high priority for Wave to offer what other accounting tools already offer.

  • Sjr2020Sjr2020 Member Posts: 0
    I have several expenses like office rent that is fixed and goes out monthly I don’t want to have to enter them every month how do I set these so they automatically appear each month
  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Sjr2020! I have moved your post so you can see this thread for recurring billing! It looks like you aren't the only one that is interested in this! At the moment we do not have anything in the pipeline for recurring billing in Wave. When we submit feature requests it is helpful to know why this feature would be important to you and your business, and how it would impact your workflow. Any feedback is appreciated!

  • BabetteBabette Member Posts: 1

    I am the Treasurer of a Rotary club and we send the same invoice quarterly to all of our members. I also would like to be able to set this up as a "batch" transaction that I don't need to input each member separately, but just be able to do it to "all" customers (members).

  • TrishaKTrishaK Member Posts: 2

    I'm chiming in with my vote for this feature to be added as well! This would be a great addition to tracking expenses and such a time-saver.

    And thank you for providing a free accounting system with your financial service. As a freelancer who doesn't yet have the budget for other paid programs and pricey packages, I am thrilled with what I have found here at Wave. Looking forward to seeing where your future developments take us!

  • GurishaGurisha Member Posts: 13


    I love that with Wave I can create recurring invoices? How can I create recurring bills to remind me to pay my service providers?


  • GregWGregW Member Posts: 1

    I'm surprised WaveApps has not implemented this extremely basic and required feature for efficient book-keeping. Their ethos regarding saving time seems contradictory to their reluctance to develop this in over a year of being requested by customers.

    WaveApps Accounting looks promising but lacking this simple feature is a major put-off and thus my business will go elsewhere.

  • MisterMister Member Posts: 2

    +1 week. Recurring Bill 109 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 108 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 107 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 106 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 105 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 104 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 103 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same +1 week. Recurring Bill 102 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same Recurring Bill 101 Amount: Same as last week Category: Same Vendor: Same
    Click, click, click... this is getting painful x 20 bills a week...

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  • M_Uppwise_LtdM_Uppwise_Ltd Member Posts: 1

    thanks for the fantastic job done by Wave Team so far. I really enjoy your software.
    But I have to mention here that I fully support the suggestion of thris thread : I desperately need a recurring billing feature to help me not wasting time.
    I would suggest an additional option in the "Add bill" page (accessible from the menu "Bills" -> "Create a Bill"). This option could be named, for example, "Make this bill recurring" and it would allow to set the parameters of the recurring bill :

    • final or provisional (provisions are useful for bills you did'nt received yet but you know you will receive it and eventually you'll have to modify the amount before turning it into a definitive bill)
    • period : monthly, or weekly, or at a fixed date of the month, or every designed day of the month (ex: 6th working day of the month; last friday of the month; every tuesday; etc.)
    • amount
    • end of recurring period

    this would be a great feature to offer, lots of your competitors do it, your product is overall fantastic I can't understand that you still lack this highly useful feature.

    thanks for all anyways

  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @M_Uppwise_Ltd

    Thanks so much for this productive feature idea. Our team is well aware of this and are looking into ways we can use the community thread's suggestions for future updates.

  • SannyaSannya Member Posts: 1

    Please add my vote too!
    Such an important feature this is. Having to record the same expense every month/week/period is so time consuming...
    If you added this feature, half the job would be done for me :smile:

  • MuzzlerMuzzler Member Posts: 1
    Hi Wave,
    Love the software, however I would love a recurring bill feature. Most of my recurring bills are paid by direct debit automatically, it would be awesome if Wave could automate recurring billing.
    I was quite surprised that the feature is unavailable. Seems like a fairly basic business requirement in this day and age. Please tell us that you guys are working on something that would save many business owners so much time.
  • tsjworxtsjworx Member Posts: 2

    It would be great if Recurring billing could do two things.
    1. Allow the first month's invoice to be a different amount than the following months. Our first month is typically higher than the following months. Currently, we have to send the initial invoice then set up the following recurring months.
    2. If you could pick the date the invoice is due, then make it notify/remind a custom number of days prior to being due. We like our retainers to be due on the first of each month, but we like to provide a 30 or 15 day reminder that it's coming up.

  • AlexLAlexL Member Posts: 2,869 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Sannya @Muzzler @tsjworx . Thanks for the continued added voices on this feature :smile:

  • gaussieredgaussiered Member Posts: 6

    hey wavers, I'm finally getting a handle of the "expenses" but I'm getting stuck on the recurring expense that get charged to my Credit card each month.

    ex- my mobile phone, internet etc... do I upload them as "receipts" or do I create vendors? My issue with creating a vendor is- I have digital receipts for all these and don't see a place to upload the original, so I have something for tax purposes.

    Please let me know how to handle this - thank you in advance

  • David_autofile_MLDavid_autofile_ML Member Posts: 21

    Hi Gaussiered,
    I get the vendors to email me the receipts which i then forward to [email protected] and let Wave capture them provided the receipts payments fall in the same month as the expense date.

  • gaussieredgaussiered Member Posts: 6

    that's a great idea for receipts going forward . II''ll try it out.

    However, I'm looking for a way to handle the 200+ digital receipts I have now , any suggestions?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @gaussiered, thanks for reaching out. I've merged your post into an ongoing discussion we have with regards to recurring expenses, where I think it'll be best to voice your context around this need.

  • gaussieredgaussiered Member Posts: 6

    @ConnorM said:
    Hey @gaussiered, thanks for reaching out. I've merged your post into an ongoing discussion we have with regards to recurring expenses, where I think it'll be best to voice your context around this need.

    much appreciated the merge - I've had a chance to review some of the comments. I noticed the "fw" email feature has been removed, is this still the case.

    Also i made a suggestion and this might be advanced, but for bulk uploads if we could "ftp" expenses. I'm uploading 1 by 1 now and its super time consuming. .. just a thought

  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    @gaussiered Forwarded emails to submit receipts has been discontinued, that's correct. Also, thank you very much for that input. Totally fair, and I can understand how that would affect your workflow!

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