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Hi everyone
I would like to know how to make a backup monthly of all my accounts. My first problem is that clients fall in arrears and I have to write of the debt and thus delete these accounts. When they later get on their feet, many use old invoice numbers of deleted accounts and then I dont know who made the payment. A second thing is that I rely heavily on Wave as it is a fantastic account, but what if Wave crashes or get hacked and destroyed? It will be a major disaster for my business. How do I protect myself against that. If I would have a backup, I could just recreate that which I have lost!


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    Hi @Haelene , welcome to the Wave community! It's nice to see you here! The importance of keeping accurate accounting records definitely cannot be understated. In those unfortunate instances where you need to write off invoices due to bad debt, I'd recommend following the steps described here:

    There are two ways to back up your accounting data in Wave. The first way is by going through to Settings > Data Export. On this page, you are able to request an export of your Accounting Data and Receipt Images. Another way to back up your data is with Wave Connect. Wave Connect lets you export and import data to/from a Google Sheet. To get started with Wave Connect, I recommend reading this article:

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    Thank you very much Myron. The dealing with Bad Debt and still keeping your records is easy and will work for me. I also installed Google Connect. I will see how that work.

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    My pleasure! I'm happy to help. :) If you have further questions please don't hesitate to let us know!

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    I see that I can export data using "Settings / data export". And that does back up shipping address. But I see no way to import that same data.

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    @Dennis It's a really great point. While you can import customer data using Wave Connect, there isn't currently a function which allows you to import the shipping address specifically (although you can add it by heading to Sales > Customers > edit > Specify a Shipping Address). I've reached out to Erik, one of our Application Support Specialists, to see if adding this feature is on the horizon. We will update this thread when we hear back!

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    Hey @Dennis. Just thought I would chime in here. We currently don't have any immediate plans to implement this specific option in the Wave Connect feature. When we start to explore improving Wave Connect, we will take all requests into consideration, however, I cannot guarantee that this will be added anytime soon.

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    So, I can manually enter a shipping address. Then I can back up the data. And If I have to restore the data I can manually enter the shipping address again. Sounds like a great plan. NOT.

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