Merge and transfer marking of transactions in new WAVE layout

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Really struggling with the new WAVE layout. Is there a walk-through, video or how-to section?

I have regular amounts that are transactions between credit cards and main account, main account and paypal etc. Previously I was able to just select those two identical amounts and mark them as a transfer.

I have no idea how to do that in the new WAVE and there's no hint or help for people who have now transitioned from the old WAVE layout.

The time I have now lost by looking around (both for help and for how to do these extremely simple tasks) has led to quite some frustration.

Please help.


  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @nadworks Yes, change can certainly be uncomfortable sometimes but I can assure that our Help Centre is a saving grace when it comes to navigating the newer version of the software. Have you seen our 'Transfers Transformed' article? Check it out:

    Essentially, all you need to do is categorize an income or expense transaction as a 'Transfer to X account or Transfer from X account'. Then, Wave will automatically create the other side of the transfer to reflect the flow of funds between accounts. Once you get used to it, it's pretty cool!

    For the future, if you find that you're feeling lost with the newer version of the software, I recommend going to the Help Centre and typing in a key word related to your question. Something useful is bound to pop up! But we're always here if you have any questions, too <3

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