Feature request to add autocomplete in receipts & transactions

GlennFGlennF Member Posts: 21

It would be a huge timesaver if Wave would have an autocomplete feature when entering transactions and receipts


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @GlennF! Great suggestion. I just want to confirm - by autocomplete do you mean edits are saved automatically without the need to click save?

  • GlennFGlennF Member Posts: 21
    Meaning for example if I have a transaction "Sunbelt rentals", next time when I would start to type it again "Sunbelt rentals" would pop up. It's the simple repetitive tasks that can be eliminated that make you more productive.
  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @GlennF , Thanks for your suggestion! That does make a lot of sense and I'll be sure to pass it along! :smile:

  • AnthonyMAAnthonyMA Member Posts: 16

    Another vote here for this - an absolutely essential time-saver

  • AnthonyMAAnthonyMA Member Posts: 16

    The auto-complete should also populate the category field as well

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