New to Wave. Full mobile access to the site?

Garden1ngGarden1ng Member Posts: 1

Is there full mobile access to the site? Estimates. Customers, sending bids? I am traveling without access to a laptop or computer. I need to send an estimate out.

Thank you for any advice!


  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi, @Garden1ng.

    Currently, only the Receipts and Invoices apps have full support for mobile platforms. You could access the website from your phone's browser, but you might encounter formatting issues as we don't offer mobile support across the board at the moment.

    With that said, we do have big plans for our mobile apps in the near future. I don't have details or a timeline to give just yet, but we have good things in the work.

    For now, however, you'll have to use a computer to be able to create estimates.

  • Sach_011Sach_011 Member Posts: 3

    Hi There,

    Any update on the "Full Waveapps App" ? Any timelines or new feature etc?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @Sach_011. We still don't have any plans in terms of adding a full app that would include all areas of our product. However, we do have plans in terms of merging some of the key features together so everything is located in one place -- but we do not have an immediate timeline as to when this will be available (hoping to have this released by 2019). Appreciate your patience here.

  • JobboJobbo Member Posts: 1
    I can’t get the wave app on my mac.
    Is it possible?
  • micartagab_1micartagab_1 Member Posts: 1

    I would like to be able to edit invoices from the Wave Invoices app, is that a feature that may be available anytime soon?

  • ZoeCZoeC Member Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Jobbo! You should be able to access your full Wave account on any computer. You can also download our Invoices or receipts app to your Apple/Android phone! These are only mobile apps.

    Hey @micartagab_1! You should be able to edit invoices on your app by selecting the pen icon on the invoice. This will allow you to edit all information you have originally entered on the invoice.

  • ramtopsramtops Member Posts: 8
    I would really like to ge able to send statements from the IOS app - any chance of this coming?
  • ZoeCZoeC Member Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @ramtops , thanks for reaching out. I can't say that this is something that is on our immediate roadmap, but it would be really great to know how useful this feature would be for you and how it would make your life a bit easier? Any context you can provide would be super beneficial! Thanks :smile:

  • ramtopsramtops Member Posts: 8
    Oh, chasing invoices is the sort of thing I do in the evenings. Don't really want to fire up the laptop.
  • HuskyLogicHuskyLogic Member Posts: 15

    @Jobbo said:
    I can’t get the wave app on my mac.
    Is it possible?

    On a Mac, you would just go to on the webs browser. If you are on an ios device you would be able to download the invoices by wave and receipts by wave from the app store.

  • UnrestCoffeeCoUnrestCoffeeCo Member Posts: 2

    If Wave had an app for me to categorize transactions right from my phone then Wave would be hands down the best platform out there. This is really the only thing majorly lacking. I would even pay for the app upon download if it would speed up the pipeline! I love being able to track receipts and create invoices from my phone, just need to add in the banking piece!

  • jack555jack555 Member Posts: 5
    All small business owners not always with computer to handle the accounting. Also website not rendering properly in mobile browser. If you release full version of mobile app, it will be a hit and everyone will love it. Please release immediately. I can see this thread initiated in July 2018 but still no update. Hoping for your support.
  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey @jack555

    Believe me I say I can't wait for the day that our product team creates a full accounting mobile version of the software. My apologies that it doesn't always act right on your mobile device. We are of course looking at how to complete this in the future, but it is a massive feat and our team is prioritizing several other updates in our system before we can put all of our efforts into developing this.

  • PratikShahPratikShah Member Posts: 3

    I am really in need of "Full-functional" mobile App with all features. I hope this will come soon.

  • RogosourceRogosource Member Posts: 1

    As a software engineer, I completely understand the complexities of growing a platform. But, I am a little confused over the “multi-app” approach that breaks up specific features into multiple native iOS/Android apps (Wave Money/Wave Invoicing), while leaving the majority of your features on website that is not very mobile friendly.

    I have seen recent improvements in the backend to make it mobile friendly, and the experience is good when working from a tablet. But, the website still lacking when using a mobile phone. Why not take a “mobile-first” approach and redesign the backend using a mobile web framework (eg. Bootstrap) and then leverage that experience within a single Wave app for iOS/Android?

    Easier said than done, I know. Haha. I just really like your platform and wanted to offer some constructive criticism.

  • RoninBuildersLLCRoninBuildersLLC Member Posts: 3
    Would also like to see full function of the software in the mobile app.
  • conversiondaconversionda Member Posts: 1

    Would love to see a full function version for the mobile app. Being able to do estimates from the mobile app is very important. Please implement a full version ASAP!

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