Keeping track record of salesmen

YkingYking Member Posts: 18

i have 3 salesperson currently working in my business.Is there a way to add their names whenever i issue an invoice to my customers.Would also be nice if waves could also enable the option to track the progress made by each salesperson.


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @Yking :smile: The only way to add your salespeople's names to your invoices would be to add them to your default footer, you can customize this in Settings > Invoice Customization.

    I am afraid there is noway currently to be able to track their progress, Wave doesn't offer project tracking just yet, but it its something that is on our roadmap! :smile:

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 56

    Has this been implemented?

    If not, a work around could be to create a login for each sales person and issue the invoice from their account, would that work?

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