UTR number for self employed in UK

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I live in the UK and I'm self-employed, so I'm registered with a UTR number but not VAT. I'm new with Wave and I'm trying to make my first invoice.
I just connected my bank account and I was about to activate bank payments but the format shows a VATn° section but not UTRn° section. It seems like not suitable for self-employed not VAT registered. I hope to wrong as I would like to use this service.
Can somebody help me?



  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 555 admin

    Hey @CorinnaL - unfortunately I'm not familiar with UK tax compliance, but is the UTR number something that needs to be given to your customers when invoicing? If so, you could add it as a footnote in Settings > Invoice Customization. However, if this is just for tax reporting on your own end, Wave doesn't actually report figures to government directly, so it shouldn't be mandatory to supply Wave with this number. Stripe (who processes payments for us outside of North America) may be requiring this field however, and if it is the case (it's asking you to fill this out in Sales > Credit Card Payments), I'd recommend contacting Stripe's support as [email protected] They may be able waive the VAT number, or, input your UTR manually on their end so that you can bypass the VAT requirement.

  • CorinnaLCorinnaL Member Posts: 2

    Hi Samd! Thank you for the suggestion!

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