Doubled Up Transactions When Invoice Is Paid

phoebephoebe Member Posts: 5
Has anyone else had the problem where once they send out an invoice and mark it as paid, two transactions occur in Wave due to the payment being acknowledged once invoice is marked as paid and also when the money has been received in your bank account.

How can I save myself the time of constantly deleting this double up of the transaction in Wave?


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @phoebe! Thanks for reaching out. That definitely does sound like a nuisance, the best way to avoid having to delete any extra transactions here, is to hold off on recording a payment on the invoice itself, wait for your bank to import the sales transaction and categorize this transaction as Payment received for an invoice in Wave, from the drop down you can select the matching invoice, and this action will mark the invoice as paid without generating a second transaction! I hope this helps :smile:

  • phoebephoebe Member Posts: 5

    Hi Zoe, there is no option to categorize this transaction as Payment received for an invoice in Wave, if that was available I would have selected it in the past.

    This is all that I see.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Hey @phoebe - Payments by Wave should be in the next drop-down menu (under Payment Account). You can also find it directly on the transactions page, so rather than marking the invoice as paid, you can wait until the bank transaction comes in. Then choose the category from there, like this:

  • phoebephoebe Member Posts: 5

    Hi Sam,

    I appreciate the screenshot but I dont have that option for some reason.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin


    Hmmm, okay, does your transactions page look more like this?

    Oh, actually, another possibility is that you may not have any open invoices (if they are all already marked as paid). Wave wouldn't generate the option in that case because it wouldn't have anywhere effectively to categorize the payment to. If this is the case, I'd recommend double-checking the invoice you're trying to be marked as paid hasn't already been marked as such via the invoices page.

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  • phoebephoebe Member Posts: 5

    OHH! I got it now!
    I will rather than marking it as paid on the invoice just go into transactions and select the invoice from the dropdown. Thank you!!!

  • ElevationTECHElevationTECH Member Posts: 6

    @Samd This is a good discussion, thank you, I've learned something.
    Another question though, what if the payment is a bulk payment for multiple invoices to the same customer? Can you allocate/select multiple invoices to one payment?

  • thewizleonthewizleon Member Posts: 6

    This has helped me too - a quick question, if you mark an invoice as paid, can you then change this to unpaid to allow you to correctly select a bank (imported) deposit. Also, if the bank deposit is more than the invoice total does this cause a problem?

  • DanielSpencerDanielSpencer Member Posts: 3

    Yeah this messed up 2 years of my life and I'm bitter as hell about it. Decided to move away to another accounting software but to be honest, I just need to get over the fact nothing is perfect and to adjust the way I do my accounting. Gonna just have to get used to it.

  • DanielSpencerDanielSpencer Member Posts: 3

    @phoebe said:
    OHH! I got it now!
    I will rather than marking it as paid on the invoice just go into transactions and select the invoice from the dropdown. Thank you!!!

    I can't see a dropdown? Where is that?

  • phoebephoebe Member Posts: 5

    There is still a massive glitch in this system which is so frustrating.

    I get payments done via direct debit. At the end of each business day, all the debited transactions (usually more than one customer) go into my bank account as a lump sum.

    So when it enters my bank account Wave picks it up and marks it as "sale".

    Now, I can't select the whole transaction and mark it as invoice payment cause it may be for multiple invoices (multiple clients).

    Now what do I do? When I go to the invoice as mark it as paid, there's another double up. But when I delete it in transactions, it remains "unpaid" in my invoices.

  • DixitexDixitex Member Posts: 5

    How do I allocate a payment to a customer if there is no invoice yet only an estimate? I receive deposits and progress payments and can only generate an invoice once job is completed. It happens that some projects run over a few months and then customers requires statements showing the payments made.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @ElevationTECH Yep! When you have a bulk deposit come in for your invoice payments, you should be able to split the transaction and associate the individual splits for the particular invoices you are referring to.

    @thewizleon In order to mark it as unpaid, you would need to delete the transaction that was created when you originally marked it as paid in Wave.

    @phoebe I feel as though your situation is similar to elevation tech's -- you need to simply split the bulk deposit transaction and associate the split with the unpaid invoices that are outstanding.

    @Dixitex In this situation, it sounds like all you would need to do is create an income transaction for the customer (make sure the customer is added to the transaction) and you will be able to track this under the income by customer report.

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